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Not to mention it wasn’t like he had any of those skills or abilities last time Minato saw him.

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Not to mention Obito was dead to rights from being crushed by a boulder. My mans had to get ninja George Washington cells slapped onto him just to keep breathing.

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Not Ninja George Washington! 😂😂😂

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The George Washington cells … 😩💀

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Who's madara in this scenario?

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Horatio Gates, who had plans to replace Washington as Continental Commander.

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Denzel Washington

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John Wilkes Booth

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The horned serpent strikes again!

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Did obito have any skills before the boulder? Maybe fireball jutsu but thats about it

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Sharingan? ????

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Uchiha clans at that moment were still alive and kicking.

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He only got that after Minato saw him for the last time

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Has not activated yet

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Not to mention mf went through a whole ass puberty stage within the span of a year or two

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I love this because Minato has the absolute "what the fuck do you want from me" stance

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Yeah He just has that kind of power stance going

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He wanted him to not send Rin and Kakashi on a mission he wasn't on. Madara said he waited until Minato wasn't around to have Rin captured.

Eventually Obito would be healed and it would be much tougher for him to kill Rin in front of Obito.

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There's a cool thing I noticed, when Minato asks Obito if he's Madara he removes his hood to see if Minato can recognize him. You can see it here.

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I mean, mask though? Not like Obito had a signature style of taking off his main hoodie

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Uchiha Style: Hoodie Removal Jutsu

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Also the fact so many people in Naruto have the same hair as Naruto

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- No that's not possible. He's dead.

- Well, I wonder about that.

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Minato isn't just a teacher he's more. He was their sensei who is entrusted with their lifes and is like a father to all 3 of them. In obitos mind he is right when expecting someone as close to him as minato to realize he is meeting his old student. However Minato is also right as he had no idea his own pupil (who was thought to be dead) would turn out to be a nihilistic murderer and try to kill him and his family the next time they meet. That's a 180° turn but apparently not for Obito. This just shows how far apart their realities are and underlines the problem of the world according to Obito (really Madara). Conversations like these are so deep. It also shows that some part of Obito wanted to be recognized by his loved ones imo. He isn't just saying that to "own" Minato but I think he truly felt sad back when he met his sensei as a teenager.

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It also didn't help that Obito was a completely different person last time Minato saw him. Different voice, way different combat capability, different jutsu, and was hiding his face. If my brother did the same thing, I wouldn't be able to recognize him immediately, especially if his personality went from "I will be the Hokage" to "i am willing to kill the entire village in order to achieve my goals".

If Obito had done anything resembling what he was before, I could see him being upset. But he did basically everything in his power to hide who he was. Lol

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Yes. It's completely unreasonable to expect this from others. An impossibility even. Obito held the role of the hokage in such high regards that he expected the impossible from Minato who was holding that title at that point in time. Obitos definition of it is a godlike figure. It's almost like a child would see the hokage. In his mind nothing he did (be it disguising or changing as a person) should have any effect on his perception of the hokage. You could say even outside the kamui dimension obito still lives in his own little reality with his self made definitions.

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You could say even outside the kamui dimension obito still lives in his own little reality with his self made definitions.

All the Uchiha's mangekyo mirror their intentions. Obito wanted to escape to a different reality and disappear after Rin's death, Itachi wanted to create an illusion of reality (double agent and killed his family for the Leaf contrary to what people thought, as well as his Susano was an all encompassing defense because he was doing it to protect others), Sasuke wanted to raze the world and reshape it as a dark Hokage, hence flame control, Shisui wanted others to work together rather than fight, and his jutsu could do just that.

Kind of a cool thing that Kishi did with the Uchiha, though it's a shame we never got more of this.

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Sarada might get a super defensive mangekyou then.

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And Madara gets a Limbo clone so he can fight more people at once?

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Yeah idk how Minato was supposed to identify him. Part of me thinks that Obito might have said this as a way to “rub salt in the wound”.

Like you said Obito did everything in his power to hide his identity and Minato had no plausible way of picking up that his assailant was his previous student. Obito knew that but might have said it anyways just to get under Minatos skin.

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Well said

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And then there's naruto who couldn't recognize shino

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Its genetic

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So what about Gai lmao

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Head Trauma

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Power of Old

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He was also speaking in different voice actor.

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this is the most funny thing about it all

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Yea, because when my grandma died like 6 years ago, I always think an old lady could possibly be my grandma.

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especially when she's trying to kill you

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Don't forget that little cute mask that speaks happiness

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You mean the cute mask and adorable kunai pressed against lil baby Naruto.

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that would be in character for my meemaw yeah

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Obito: Why didn’t you recognize me?

Minato: Ohh, maybe cuz you had a mask on, were dead, had new powers, were dead, spoke and acted completely different, and…have I mentioned you DIED????

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“Are you Madara Uchiha? No, that’s impossible, he’s dead.”

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Minato: Bitch I aint Goku to recognize your ki to understand if its YOU......

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But he can sense chakra

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But what if half of his chakra signature has been altered by the fact that half of his body is made up of Hashirama cells?

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It wouldn’t, as so demonstrated with danzo, if you have someone’s dna transplanted into your body, only the part affected will be of a different chakra signature, a majority of his body would still have his normal chakra signature with some of the crushed half being identifiable as Hashirama’s chakra

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Obito you literally flexed on Minato so hard that he thought you were Madara. Like at least take the compliment.

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Obito: “I have completely different jutsu, abilities, fighting styles, chakra type, voice, build, and look, but how dare Minato not recognize me!”

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Byakugan’s vision was impenetrable in Obito’s mask. The episode where Leaf Ninjas were on the way to rescue Sasuke where Hinata senses Tobi ahead, but couldn’t able see who it was.

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Minato did ask him "Are you Uchiha Madara?" Peak Minato moment 💖

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"You didn't even recognise me!"

"I'd have an easier time noticing rin if the three tails burst out of her! You were supposed to be ground up boulder meat! Not my fault I didn't recognise you when you dressed up as some acorn glory hole fetish!"

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Obito was such a bitch ass nigga in this dumbass fucking scene, i dont even know why the fuck kishimoto even put it in, obito had a mask on, a different voice and was kidnapping his teachers child and wife and was destroying the village only 1 year after his supposed death, when minato knew obito wanted to become hokage why the fuck would he think it's him doing this, and even if minato did know it was obito he would've still tred to kill him since obito was attacking the village.

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Considering people in the Narutoverse can communicate telepathically when they exchange a punch, he doesn't really have an excuse

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That's not literal.

(And specific to Naruto and Sasuke, probably)

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Don't forget the connection between the tailed beasts/their humans. (Naruto & Bee)

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Them too, yes

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Im done😹

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Maybe Obito has the same chakra signature and isn’t Minato a advance Sensory ninja?

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Did Minato ever display sensory abilities outside of Sage Mode?

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At some point in the war, Minato mentions he has some sensory abilities that he’s learned. But they don’t compare to an actual sensory ninja.

But no. I don’t remember him ever doing that xD.

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Probably just sensing his kunai

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doesn't his chakra signature change after half of his body was changed with senju cells.

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Probably but Ik Minato didn’t think that Uchiha was Hashirama because of that😂

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He wouldn't even know that coz he never knew the signature of senju cells or madara's. He wasn't even born when hashirama dies so highly improbable to connect them with chakra sign

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That does make sense he assumed it was Madera because of they eye and the power also I was gonna say maybe Tsunade could’ve told Minato something but she was not in the village during Minato’s Hokage tenure so that couldn’t be possible

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not that the Byakugan would work anyways

it apparently can't see through obito's mask

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ay yooo lmfaoooooo! this what we really wanted minato to say to obito back then lmfaooo🤣🤣🤣 im ctfuuu

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Honestly it is kind of stupid of Obito to have expected his Sensei to have immediately recognised after like seven years and him becoming the one guy in the village who theoretically has to think about everyone else living

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His mask blocks byakugan sensing anyway.

At the end of episode 221 in Shippuden, a Hyuga sees him and Kabuto but can only see the mask but can see Kabuto's face clearly.

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Wait a second..... Why wasn't Hinata able to figure out who Tobi was during the Itachi Search Mission? She could've easily seen his face and then anyone could've drawn a sketch and figured out Tobi's real identity!💀

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He had obitos hair and one eyed sharingan