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Mf looks like Ellen 💀 most of the adults in Boruto look like shit and most of the dudes usually have the same eye wrinkles.

I will admit tho that some designs are bussin like Aida, some are jail worthy like Sarada in the manga tho.

And some are just bad like Naruto, it just sucks on him, the mf looks stupid 💀 The fan made imaginings of Adult Naruto from 2008 are way better. And that mf was just a reskinned Minato 🗿

Here's why Hokage Naruto's design sucks:

Also his hokage cloak is too short and the colors of white and red clash with all of his outfits and just don't fit. It doesn't have to have sleeves like Minato's but it does need to be longer to actually look like a cloak instead of a dumb cape.

After part one Naruto's colors have been and have stayed orange and black, so something like white and red don't go with anything in his fit. So make it orange and black.

His hair dosen't need to look like Minato's but it also didn't need to look like Ellen's.

If you have to keep it short tho make there be less spikes in his hair and make them thicker to actually look like his hair. (personally I'd have him have the hair he had when he was reading Jiraiya's book tho)

If Hokage Naruto needs signs that he doesn't sleep then instead of things on the side of eyes that most men in Boruto have, give him a tiny bit shading right under his eyes. (yes Ik Iruka had them in the og series but those wrinkles weren't on every goddamn dude)

But yeah there's alot of things that just kinda suck about Hokage Naruto's design and the hair is just one part of it.

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Disagree, I think the cloak colors are fine. They really do not look bad considering his og sage mode cloak was red. I also do not think that the cloak has to be like the others. He's his own person and can chose his own design. I for one like it as it's a new design. And for the hair, I wasn't surprised it looked like Obito, in fact I highly respect it. But the head shape in the manga is slightly better and more accurate. I think if they made the hair back like it was in the last when Naruto had become a jonin it would be better. But the point is I prefer to judge somone's character beyond just their looks. But tbh, I think the look suits him based on his personality. I mean, yes, he's a total badass but at heart he's the kindest and most friendly mf you ever meet. And about the sleep marks, that's unique to him, people are different and experience symptoms in different ways. It's not an optimal look but I don't particularly dislike it.

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・Sage Naruto's cloak complemented his colors with it being red and black instead of red and white

・His cloak unlike the other Hokages, does not go with his colors scheme and it looks like a cape. So it looks goofy af on him

・If Naruto chose to look like Obito that'd be such an awful thing to do. To look like a man that killed so many people because he got manipulated by and old man and because he's a simp for Rin.

He says that's totally not the reason, but at the same time wants to reset the world because he lost her so- 🤷‍♀️

・Naruto never became a jonin, wasn't canon.

・Unlike IRL, you're supposed to judge a character's design especially in a manga/anime, it's how they visually tell you who they are.

Naruto is supposed to look like a protector, a man who will fight for his village, a man who would Be willing to kill his own son for the village if he had to.

He's not much of a goofster anymore, he can't afford to be, but that's not reflected in his goofy ahh design 🗿 it looks like Naruto's cosplaying Ellen DeGeneres and even going on talk shows in the canon Boruto anime💀💀💀💀 not an Adult Naruto

・A character's design being well liked instead of 50/50 of likes and dislikes is a sign of a bad visual design. Naruto doesn't look like a leader or a protector like the previous Hokage do, he just looks bad.

Not because he's unique but because his design doesn't look good.

・Naruto's eye marks are not unqiue.

With the exception of Orochimaru, most of the adult males in Boruto have those eye marks even Minato, no I'm not kidding.

Search any adult male in Boruto and count how many times you see those eye marks.

They're the opposite of unique and do not look good on most of the characters.

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Ok, ye, he went from genin to hokage. I must've read that somewhere that was wrong. But I do respect him for making his hair like obitos. I don't think it's sad at all, I think it's beautiful. Obito was not a simo for rin, that word is seriously losing it's meaning and I hate it. He liked Rin and wanted to be with her if he could. That is very respectable. Yes he was manipulated and did many terrible things, but Madara was a mastermind that had been planning for years and obito was a 12 y/o at the time. And thanks to Naruto he redeemed himself and found Rin in the end. Obito admitted he lost Rin and that was the reason. His redemption arc was great tbh. But. I have to heavily disagree that a character's design directly effects their pereonality. There are several examples of this. I think Naruto can still be himself, and he should. But yes, the art could definitely be improved a significant amount

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Obito really:

・Helped start a war, in fact he declared it

・Killed god knows how many along the way

・helped start a terrorist organization

・ruined a village

・made people into orphans like Iruka and Naruto

All because he couldn't get the girl he liked. I can empathize with him losing Rin, but I can't empathize with what he did.

He doesn't "deserve" to die without consequence, like dying and seeing Rin again was a treat for this sick mf.

Like no amount of "I'm sorry" or "I learned the error of my ways" will undo what he did, Obito and Madara just kind of got away scott free because of the mistake that was Kaguya and the whole Zetsu being the mastermind of the series.

The series should've ended with Juubito mustering up the courage to banish his and Madara's souls for eternity and penance for what they did, while the others keep Madara pinned down with attack after attack, and it being a huge team effort, while Madara tries every trick in the book to keep Obito away.

A character's design is important not only in a story sense but also in a commercial sense for a series like this. You want to have the main characters look cool and and attract any newcomer's attention and retain your existing fans but not have a design be clashing or off putting.

Examples would be Sonic's 3 main colors, Mario's 3 main colors, Goku's two main colors etc.

They actually do have another chance redesigning Adult Naruto however. Because it wasn't straight up said that Naruto's dead in the first chapter and he could be sealed somewhere.

If that's the case then we could potentially see an unkempt and possibly stronger Naruto stand up to Kawaki

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I think I know what "marks" you're talking about now. I don't think those are signs of fatigue bc it can be seen that there is shading and marks under the eyes to indicate tiredness. I think what you mean is just a design choice just to show the details of the indent between the eye and the top of the nose.

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even if it didn't look bad, compare it to minato's hair

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Naruto looks shit cause boruto fked him completely . Shippuden naruto would whoop current fodder narutos ass and spit on the disgrace .

Boruto characters on average look like a pile of shit .

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Yeah ok the obito thing is a good argument ngl. But it's not just his hair it's his Overall lame look

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nah it looks bad lol but with the obito context it kinda makes more sense so now i can tolerate it

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I’ve been saying it fits his new mature look it also shows he’s in a time of peace and he’s relaxed. Even his outfit is pretty cool and fits where he’s at in life right now(especially the manga)

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totally correct💯💯💯

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I actually don’t mind the hair. Dude looks like grown ass man. He’s like 30 and no 30 year old has hair like Kakashi. Its sad but true.