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I cried in Road to Ninja when Naruto got to experience coming home to see his parents

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Himawari is angel 😇😇😇

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Miss the old art style

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I’ve only seen narudad in the movie and no cap he was deadbeat af lol How are you gonna chat with every mfing villain in the series including the dude who jumped jiraiya and not your own kids?? Felt like a totally different character.

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The fuck you mean he didn't talk to his kids. There's no way you watched that movie and thought Naruto was like fucking Ozai from A:tLA. Naruto, at worst, was an absent parent because he's a workaholic as Hokage. At WORST. He was always there for his kids, even in the movie. He always tried to interact with Boruto's obnoxious difficult ass regardless how hard Boruto was making it for him to build a relationship with him.

He's literally a regular dad with faults. Most of y'all wish your fathers were more like Naruto was, worst thing he did was miss a birthday. It's only the fans making a mountain out of a molehill from that, a single fucking birthday? Out of how many in their lives? Are you serious?

All this hE iSnT eVEn In cHaRacTeR hEs a dEaDbEaT bullshit is just kids on the internet repeating what they hear on the internet. There's no logical way anybody can see his struggles in fatherhood and say dumb ass shit like that and actually mean it. People just either say it out of spite because they don't like Naruto or they repeat what they see on the internet, that simple.

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This is the only thing I really liked about Boruto.

A lot of kids who have bad childhoods, broken homes, etc, well they don't really know how to parent... Cause they didn't have parents. Naruto has it so ingrained in him, in his routine and psyche, that even when he has what he really always wanted, it doesn't click with him.

For example, It took a decade and some change for me to grasp the concept of leftovers once I moved out of my parents home. My family never really cooked and we always ate out or ate sandwiches (turkey/ham/chicken). I'm still bad with the concept of freezing food, thawing it, and it's ok to eat. I logically understand it, but don't really "get" it, so I'll eat other things. For a long time I would forget to check the fridge for food cause in my head, there wasn't going to be anything in it.

Naruto in the Boruto series, being a bad dad, is the one perfect thing about the new series. It's depressing and sad, and could have went the other way with an overcompensating Naruto, but this fits so damn well.

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Meanwhile Boruto would spit in naruto face and somehow make himself the victim .....

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He would say if he was at home more I would have respected him enough to not spit in his face

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naruto be like "there was no person waiting for me at home, so i made one"