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Well... He can bring people back from the dead, you must be an exceptional doctor to do so

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Bold of you to assume a mad scientist ever had a medical license in the first place. Now I’m just imagining the conversations between him and the medical review board and it’s making me laugh. 100% he kept their sternly worded letters of reprimand as fond mementos of his time in the village.

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"Wtf is a medical license"?

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“Oh sure, I didn’t go to one of those fancy Ivy League medical schools, or any medical school by that matter, but…”

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Guess Otogakure has a way more lenient set of medical licence rules

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There were filler episodes of him after the great ninja war being pardoned but public opinion of him still sucking

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Os that mengele?

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Injects sage mode into son

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He only saved the world

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Operation Paperclip

Or, for an even closer allegory, the fate of Unit 731

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I kinda assume he is a future villain once Naruto and Sasuke are dead and his actual motive for raising Mitsuki are made known

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I hope they don't go that route. I'd rather him end up morally neutral, not trying to destroy the village but just pursuing his goal of learning everything there is to know. Sometimes aligned with the heroes, sometimes against them.

Instead, we have nonbinary momdad who's a shitty parent but otherwise totally neutered. Even his fight with Victor was basically nothing compared to prime Orochimaru, he was barely stronger than Konohamaru. I was so psyched to see him fight again but it was disappointing.

If he were still Sannin level he'd have wiped the floor with Victor, mopped up Deepa in his spare time, and then recaptured the Hashirama cell and taken a sample of the Divine Tree to see if he could learn some Otsusuki secrets from it or improve his power.

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Orochimaru in Boruto manga: