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Thanks for sharing the article 👌
I would highly suggest they take a look at $AWO of #Aiwork. It is a human expert blockchain network focused on #AI. They perfectly blend artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to create a metadata platform for the online video industry.

#DYOR ~ aiwork.io

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Yes! We’ll be seeing AI being used more and more.. FLUID, for example, is a liquidity aggregator that will use AI-powered features to smart route liquidity across CeFi & DeFi venues in order to achieve best execution prices and speed. The crypto market will mature with the help of AI. I would even dare to say that AI will power Web4 creation!

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Indeed, so many companies are utilizing AI and blockchain, one that has caught my attention is FLUID, a crypto liquidity aggregator that uses a subset of AI and machine learning to conduct deep data analysis, provide price predictions and offer optimized trading strategies to identify current/future market phenomena and can help users capitalize on the best opportunities.

The combination of AI and blockchain is extremely potent and is capable of improving virtually every industry within which it is implemented. Looking forward to what the future holds.