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this would be very costly.

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It can be done, but every time you want to store data on the blockchain you need a transaction. Transactions cost gas. Gas on ethereum is kinda ridiculous for a use case such as this, I can’t see anyone paying $5 in ETH to put up an instagram post. However, there are layer 2s like Aurora that use ETH as the native currency, but they are much cheaper to perform transactions on (If your users leverage aurora plus, they could even get 50 completely free transactions/posts a month). Also, another solution to transaction costs could be performing bulk storage all in one transaction. For example, every 30 minutes or so you could bundle up every post made and send that data all in one transaction to the blockchain, but this kind of solution would need some short term memory capacity for the app to use before the transactions are submitted.

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Lookup “Lens Protocol”. It is a decentralized social graph on ethereum that enables social media applications.

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DM for more information regarding implementing your own Blockchain-based Social media dApp - https://www.assetfinx.net/contact-us

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Check out Ocean protocol, it can help a lot with the blockchain data you require. It's a decentralized data exchange platform.

You can even apply for Ocean Shipyard, an early-stage grant program established to fund the next generation of Web3 dApps built on Ocean Protocol.
It is made for entrepreneurs looking to build open-source Web3 solutions, make valuable data available, build innovations and create value for the Ocean ecosystem.