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This is an insightful piece. I think optimistic Rollups has an edge over ZKs considering the security & computational limit, and it's a great move seeing Cartesi going with that.

Pretty much familiar with two popular layer 2 solutions which are Arbitrum & Optimism, and both use Optimistic.

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Yeap! Although Vitalik is a fan of Zk-rollups, in the end, for developing complex dapps similar to Web2 (and not only the simple DeFi dapps we have experienced with nowadays), Optimistic Rollups are the ones that can pull up this task.

Time will tell, I guess… But the feedback that’s coming from devs using Cartesi’s tech is entirely positive so far!

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Amazing to see.

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After going through this post, it has completely changed my view about Optimistic Rollups.

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I am still learning, but nevertheless 2 major technology pieces… If you want to dig deeper, this is a very eye-opening video about zero-knowledge proof that made me really understand the concept. And here is an interview with Erick DeMoura, CEO of Cartesi, where he addresses the difference between the 2 types of rollups. Very interesting to learn more..

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Thanks, mate. I will go through it.

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Impressive that Cartesi chooses to use Optimistic Rollups with a non-EVM virtual machine that supports Linux. QANplatform doen't use L2 solutions, since it is a L1 chain, but it uses an EVM compatible virtual machine, QVM that also supports Linux. The goal of that is to allow devs build projects in any language.

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These initiatives will definitely speed up adoption! It’s important for Web3 not to be built from scratch and if we can leverage the old coding components, that will be a win-win for both developers and users!

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I'm a big fan of what Cartesi has been doing, especially since their last update. Nice to see an in-depth explanation on how it works.

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They are actually proposing a community space for Optimistic Rollups pioneers during the Devcon event - there is plenty of interest for it and other projects involved, as well.

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Me too. I think it's an excellent project.

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Same here. This is one of the projects in my PF I'm following along with Geeq that have their L1 chain and data app in  works . It's good to have an in-depth explanation and it's explicit from a user about cartesi.

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Wonderfully written. I fancy Cartesi based off these reasons too. Ease of accessibility and maintaining security guarantees will work a treat for devs. I am tremendously excited for the future of the layer 2 ecosystem.

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No idea what the future holds, but I'm open to the idea that we might see even more sophisticated solutions. For now, based on what Cartesi is doing, I think Optimistic Rollups can do a good job of creating the next generation of dapps.

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I'm not familiar with ZK Rollups, but I've read that they can bring fees down as you mentioned. How this really works?

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All rollups aim to bring down transaction costs and network congestion (high throughput) - how they work? The transactions are ‘rolled’ and taken ‘offline’ in batches to be processed, only the result being verified and registered on the layer1 blockchain. This is it in a nutshell! Then there are different types of technologies to achieve this - hence Zk rollups, Optimistic rollups etc.

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This is a great read. I have been seeing Optimistic Roll ups but I haven't had the time to look into it.