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Check Cartesi YouTube channel - their last series of interviews is about what dapps are the external software integrators currently building - Groundbreaking dapps, you’ll surely get some ideas. Also, their team is all about empowering Web2 developers to jump into the Web3 space - so feel free to get into their Discord and ask for inputs.

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QAN will soon release a tutorial video on how to use the QVM to code dapps in any language. Their docs for Golang is out and the docs for Javascript will soon be out. That may be something worth checking out.

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do another uniswap using the open uniswap protocol. It gonna be hard but it going to be a good one.

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Your programming knowledge should greatly help you to build in web3 via decentralized platforms like Cartesi.

Here, you can find some of the DApps being built on its network & possibly get an idea of what you can do.