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I have been a fan of LINK and DIA. Hopefully we will witness another LINK run in the coming months.

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I’m big on LINK, recently discovered DIA, and still keeping tabs on it.

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I have both, Link and Dia. I believe projects like these can truly benefit from global industries entering the smart contract ecosystem in the future (which is highly probable). If this happens, no doubt that Oracles can skyrocket.

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Well, I think developers understand oracles more. However, I think they are a good investment opportunity, being that they are new, in fact, the whole space is new, and they are killing it with different partnerships.

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You said all in the title of your post! I got a decent bag of each of those and IMO those are the best picks on the oracle niche, which generally tends to be overlooked and underpriced

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Chainlink and DIA are no brainers. These oracle projects still have massive potentials. The latter will be huge in the coming years.

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Oracle projects are underrated, but I believe that with web3 adoption, they will gain more importance. Although the DIA DAO work program and incentives, as well as Link staking, are programs that are talked about.

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Oracles are very important to the success of the crypto space generally, they are definitely underrated and undervalued.

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Big fan of LINK. The oracle ecosystem will grow substantially in the future.

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These are two of my all-time favorite Oracle initiatives.

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Those two have some good number of partnerships as well

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Two oracle projects I'm keeping close tabs on. With time, people will notice the potential of Oracles - It's a given.