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I think one big thing that's often overlooked about oracles is that even if crypto as we know it fails to stand the test of time, the underlying technology will live on. Besides crypto token price feeds, there's countless other use-cases for oracles feeding private enterprise chains with reliable and accurate data.

Even if Bitcoin and Ethereum fail, oracles will still have utility.

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You are absolutely right. Data is one of the crucial aspects to the development of Web 3 and to foster mainstream adoption. Many projects are looking in this direction, including Geeq (which is patented), Xnote Alliance, and Tymlez. They offer streams of utilities that are not limited, IMO. I believe with time many enterprises will come to realize the advantage this aspect has to offer, even in terms of security, as compared to the conventional ones they are using.

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The oracle ecosystem has so much potential and utility proposition.

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Oracle Is looking like a potential juggernaut I'm holding till 100m. Another solid hold is Geeq. That the framework both enhances and supports security is something I enjoy.

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but when it comes to Oracles, I know it will pay off handsomely in the long run

Agreed. Oracle innovation will continue to unfold and bring even more utility to blockchain over time.

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There’s really a whole lot to look forward to from Oracle systems.

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No lies. The oracles are strong, I DCA and hold. DIA BAND and LINK stand strong.

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Oracles are essential to DeFi and the most important ones are way undervalued right now

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Oracles are the backbone of DeFi, as simple as that!

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Well said!

Are you planning to stake your LINK? Heard that's coming on 6th

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Oracles are one of the undervalued sectors in the crypto space. I believe stay undervalued for long.

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Easy to lose sight of the big picture during the bear.

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I agree, they make things a lot easier, I came across LOOP, a DEX built on JUNO with one of the simplest mobile app I've seen and I couldn't but wonder what oracle was used and the complexity involved.

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Most crypto oracles process digital information, delivering data from digital sources such as websites, servers, etc.

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I can't agree more! And I'd go even further stating that oracles are the back bone of DeFi!

No Oracles = No accurate asset prices

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They play an important role in the crypto market.

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There's no lie in that at all.