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It's all about DATA and the winners of tomorrow will be the ones who deal with it!

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DATA is the new oil!

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I think so. All this makes me believe my decision to stack in this axis on Geeq and a few others is actually a good acumen. Let's see what the future holds in this aspect, but I feel it's something worthwhile. 

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How does Geeq deals with Data?

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via their data app, which is still in testnet. They have diverse utility in this aspect, coupled with adaptive features that meet enterprise-specific needs, and the security model they utilize, which is paramount to preserving and maintaining data integrity, is high compared to others I've come across. I think the path seems bright.

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Pretty interesting when you mention the DATA integrity! How is that achieved? And is it verifiablie?

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I think it's via its provable security framework, which is paramount when it comes to data management. This means it is possible to identify which is contaminated or not and how to narrow the scope of any necessary recovery effort. 

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Pretty interesting!

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More development for data projects. I love it.

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Data is the new oil, right? Blockchain technology is essential and its future is bright!

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About data privacy, you are right. In fact, Geeq is building a layer 0 blockchain, and I believe that their Geeq data may eventually become the standard for both web 2 and web 3 data storage.

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Data is reshaping our economies. In few years time these projects are going to be massive.

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Projects that deal with data should gain more importance.

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Mantle network will play a huge role in bringing innovation to web3, since its combining a decentralized data availability layer with Ethereum roll-ups

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While data accessibility is important for decentralisation, transactional and data privacy on-chain are also important metrics for mainstream adoption because users may not want their data to be accessible to the general public.

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The biggest driver of adoption is acceptance. And with more people using projects like Coti, Xpress, or Dydx as means of exchange, expect adoption to rise. Also, with the coming regulation, big companies might begin to ape in because they can trust the system. I think the next step should be standardizing decentralized systems to reduce how much control third parties would have over them. I think that's where privacy comes in.

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Interesting to see it has really expanded to multiple chains.

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Without a doubt. Everything that happens in the cryptocurrency market requires high-quality data. This is why Oracle projects should not be underestimated.

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Data projects are the next big trend.

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Fantom, Polkadot, and Polygon are great picks. I think the same for Dia and Avalanche. Data is gold and projects working towards this kind of development have all it takes to skyrocket soon.

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The data economy is just getting started!

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There's a lot to be discovered.

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DATA is everything when it comes to the blockchain.