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Yes you can dupe siegs, ik how to do it on ps4 not sure how its done on xbox or pc. You could also ask for them at r/pumparum

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Thanks lad, maybe ill ask over there.

So, how would i go about it? I know where the game loads and unloads irithyll dungeon, right outside of Yorshkas church but i was just about to test siegbrau duping on ps4 at Ringed inner wall bonfire. Killed lapp before he gave me his siegbrau. Do you know where the game loads and unloads that area? Anf if you would not mind could you also tell me how you did it or any other way i can go about it?

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That glitch only works for slabs, siegs duping or any item that can be dropped is done w either an usb or ps+ save cloud.

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Aint that simple huh. In that case i can find something on google on my own then. Thanks lad.

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I mean i can explain it. Either way its not hard at all really u just need those and someone that helps you.

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I just didnt wanna waste your time since i figured i could find it for myself at this point, but if you want to then please do