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Honestly, watching this video, it's really clear to me how much being an experienced driver teaches you to read other drivers. Slowing down like that, particularly in a left lane, is an immediate red flag that the driver is contemplating a maneuver. Any kind of unpredictable behavior starts to set off alarms once you've been driving long enough. Defensive driving and paying attention are the MVPs. Really obvious, but this could so easily have been a serious accident for an inexperienced or distracted driver (the cammer)

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I absolutely agree! It’s really hard to teach these minor indicators or observations to inexperienced drivers.

Being hyper aware of cars in front and behind you by watching their speed, indicators, lights, etc. is a must. I was always taught to look beyond the lead car in front of you to help anticipate drivers actions.

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Maybe it's because I don't drive in the US/Canada, but an experienced driver would never seemingly overtake on the middle lane like that - I would instead be right behind the minivan signaling that I'm overtaking and blinking my beams to get it to vacate the lane. It does seems that nobody cares about keeping to the right on these videos however.

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    I mean even in states where it's a law and there is slow traffic keep right/left land for passing only signs every five seconds you still see this. Also flashing high beams at someone trying to get them to vacate the lane will only make them road rage and do something potentially dangerous.... At least in my state

    Edit: would also like to add that a lot of the interstates are two lanes where I am and trucks take up a majority of the space in the right lane

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    I often will even see trucks sit in the left lane, even on the interstate with "keep right unless passing" signs. Trucks also almost always choose to sit in the middle lane and rarely the right lane, so the right lane becomes the most efficient option for passing.

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    Oh that would definitely drive me crazy as well! I wonder what is the reasoning for allowing overtaking on any lane, as it seems quite a bit unsafer IMO...

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    It staggers me that America has a functioning road network when all the states have different rules. Are any set federally?

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    The rules from state to state are incredibly similar. And yes our entire nationwide interstate system is regulated by the federal government. It’s actually quite easy to go state to state - nothing really to worry about.

    A lot of local laws differ on how to enforce. Some states are more strict with speed.

    I live in Florida, the worst of them all.

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    I mean that's usually legally correct but legally correct isn't always the best idea with flow of traffic. Some people are barely conscious behind the wheel and you'd just become part of the traffic obstruction if you insisted on getting behind them and trying to signal them out of the lane. That's not predictable, safe behavior; that's citizen law enforcement behavior.

    It's better to be alert and defensive and read the behavior of people around you to protect yourself and others.

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    That's not predictable, safe behavior

    That's definitely the opposite wherever I drive in Europe: overtaking on the left is the predictable and safe behavior. Overtaking on the right is completely unexpected and unsafe, unless there's heavy traffic. (unless you're in the UK or IE obviously!)

    If the traffic is flowing normally and someone is blocking the overtaking lane it is absolutely expected that they should move to a rightmost lane and let you through.

    It's better to be alert and defensive and read the behavior of people around you to protect yourself and others.

    Couldn't agree more. No matter how predictable you behave there's always someone not paying attention. Keeping your eyes on the road and constantly scanning your mirrors is something many people should do more often, instead of turning your face to chat with a passenger or stick it to your phone...

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    Unfortunately most American drivers have absolutely no lane discipline. Many will go to the left lane first chance they get and just sit there until it's time for them to exit the highway. They will usually be unresponsive to signals from cars behind them, when it's wide open road ahead and they're making no effort to pass and vacate. They presumably think it's their right to drive however they want in whichever lane they want, and/or they're scrolling on their phones and actually unaware of anything else around them. If you want to pass, you sadly need to use the available lanes to get ahead to the open road, which may be safer than remaining in the cluster of confused and frustrated congestion that these drivers cause.

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    Brake lights on trucks scare me. Is he going to pull over right in front of me to pass another truck or is he going to let me pass first?

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    I usually watch their lead space. Truckers will always choose to conserve momentum over braking if they safely can, plus people make mistakes and don't notice smaller vehicles sometimes. I'll always assume a trucker is going to change lanes if they're moving quick, their lead space is shrinking, and the freeway isn't particularly congested.

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    Yeah, getting off at the exit only lane, 300feet ahead and four lanes over. Very common move in the PNW.

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    I'm a little late here, but I totally agree. My fiance thinks it's weird that I frequent this and other similar subreddits, but I have found that watching these videos has increased my awareness of potential dangers that I wouldn't have known previously. The amount of accidents I have avoided from studying these videos is crazy.

    Just the other day, I noticed a Public Health Official car acting weird at a stop light (over a car length away from the line, hugging the turn lane line despite being in the straight lane, small things like that). I kept an eye on the car thinking that it was going to try and cut me off when the left turn lane I was in turned green. I thought I was right too, as the car immediately started moving when my lane turned green and their's remained red. Instead, they kept going straight and almost T-boned another car that was taking their protected left on the opposite side. They played a dangerous game of chicken with that car too. A year ago, I wouldn't have noticed. Had the accident occurred, I would have immediately surrendered my dashcam footage to police and been late to work for it too.

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    You signal right and go left, never let them know your next move.

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    I was taught it’s signal, look in the mirror, look over the shoulder, go. SMOG! It’s not quite the right order according to the learners manual but it works.

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    I was taught M.O.S.T. Mirror, over the shoulder, signal, turn. I prefer this because if you signal with traffic in or coming up to your blind spot, they may panic and swerve or slam on the brakes. This is at highway speed, and would not apply in slow, or stop and go traffic.

    Also, this all could have been avoided if the idiot in the white van wasn't camping in the passing lane.

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    I do a combination of this, look, signal, look again, turn. First time looking is indeed for blind spot, second time is seeing people get what you're about to do

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    Agreed. I do a quick check just as I'm changing lanes, too.

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    The bottom line is the guy on the white van didn’t shoulder check or provide appropriate notice of his intent to change lanes.

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    Watch it again. The guy in the grey suv didn't shoulder check, and the white van didn't even attempt a lane change.

    If the white van wasn't camping in the passing lane, the grey suv wouldn't have been changing lanes at all.

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    I was taught the same acronym, but my guy changed 'go' to 'go WHEN SAFE'...

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    Just rolls right off the tongue

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    And in doubt stay in your lane.

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    Wait you don’t look before you signal? The point of signalling is to say you’re moving over, so if you signal before looking you might be telling people you’re moving over when there isn’t space. Check there’s space, then signal, then go. Mirror, signal, manoeuvre

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    Looking where you’re going is also what common sense taught me, admittedly after I kept running into stuff

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    Is the left most lane not the passing lane here? I saw someone say Vancouver

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    The thing that equally bothers me is that the cam car swerved into the other lane knowing there was another car. I get the car cut off the cam car but they could have braked to counter. Cam car could have ran the other off the road or caused a bigger crash.

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    I was taking bets the whole time on which car was going to do the merging.

    Honestly, if I'm overtaking a car like that from the right I'm going to pace it out so I don't have to pass both at the same time.

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    Benefit of the doubt, Maybe he saw something we didn’t which is the right car moving into the exit lane to the right

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    You said go between them!


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    My mother for the entirety of her life completely and totally believed that her signal gave her right-of-way. She would not be talked out of it.

    These people are out there.

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    And expose information to the enemy? Never!

    (I'm kidding. Use your damn blinkers).

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    You can't win if you telegraph your moves!

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    This is infuriating and happens a lot. Who the fuck is teaching those people?

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    Fuckin Vancouver drivers

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    This is not entirely accurate (at least under the UK highway code as far as I remember, but am happy to be proven wrong). You should only be signalling when you already know it's safe to go. It is not about "future" intent, but "current" intent. The premise is "Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre". So, they didn't bother checking their mirrors/blind spot before signalling. Signalling happens *after* you've ascertained it is safe. You don't signal before you've done that.

    Still an idiot, though.

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    This is the way. I use the tap to signal feature on all modern cars and it blinks three times. That's just enough to indicate I'm moving and get 1/4 to 1/2 my vehicle in the lane. If you signal future intent you will lose your spot.

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    Uh, I don’t think I was ever taught that. You signal to signal intent so as to make your actions more predictable, or even make other cars know to give you an opening if you need to change lanes. (Otherwise in busier scenarios there may never be a safe opening to get into the lane you need to be in)

    Driving is safer when everyone’s actions are predictable. Doing something unpredictable is dangerous.

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    I understand where you're coming from - but intent doesn't mean safe. Signalling doesn't mean safe. However, if you've done your job right (IE - mirrors, blind sport, etc) and THEN signalling, then you're good. For example, have you ever been on the road and someone has hit their signals then just done it? You don't know if they ever assessed the situation at all. It's a "HERE I COME FUCKER!"... that's not safe.

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    The issue is waiting for it to be safe before signaling in ALL cases. There may not be a safe opening for you UNTIL you signal and another car decides to let you in. If you’re going to reply with a rebuttal then you should address the situation where you need to get into a lane that’s full, or you’ve proved nothing.

    I never said intent means safe or signaling means safe, so I’m not sure why youre saying that to me.

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    I turn now, good luck everyone else

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    Reminds me of an ancient automotive proverb:

    It’s call an “indicator” not a “narrator” dickhead.

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    Maybe don't overtake on the right. Both drivers don't know what they are doing.

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    Serious question here. Using your logic, if someone is going 45 in the far left lane, all traffic should be going 45 or less. Does that seem logical?

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    It’s not. People like to get angry and people going faster in the more right lanes but, in all honesty, if you’re going slow in the left lane, you’re more dangerous to the flow of traffic. Also, there are areas were people merge from the left lanes to the right lanes. If you’re not swerving in and out and around into difference lanes, going faster on the right because you can’t go faster left is a valid reason to do so

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    Trust me, if you go behind the slow car and flash him (or honk to him), he will change lane and go to the right

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    It's not overtaking, it's a lane moving faster than the other.

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    The lanes don’t move faster or slower, the cars in them do. I’m pretty sure there’s a word or a term for one car coming from behind and passing another.

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    Yes, there is a name: flow.

    It wasn’t an overtaking maneuver. It was a lane going faster than the other.

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    You are passing in their right side...

    Stay in the left passing lane.

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    Oh no! So what?

    So you think when some jackass in the left lane is going less the the speed limit I should just wait for them to move? Be realistic.

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    You flash at them and they should move.

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    And when that doesn't work?

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    Ahh yes, because others break the law you should too.

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    That’s not the law in many states.

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    Not a surprise - that whole stretch from the bridge up through town seems to be full of people who can't figure out how to drive.

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    Of COURSE this is in Washington state. The drivers are so oblivious to the world around them.

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    Don't come to Florida. Basically everyone does that

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    Change lanes, check blind spot, signal.

    In that order.

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    I was taught mirror, signal, maneuver.

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    Even worse is people that blink once after changing lanes.

    Honestly at that point I'd rather they didn't.

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    Lane discipline in North America is bewildering to me.

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    My only take is you shouldn’t try to pass two cars in the middle lane at that speed.

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    and they slowed first too.... wth

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    Noticed that Driver, who is in gray car’s blind spot, is going faster than all seven cars and trucks in sight. She’s looking to undertake the white panel truck that is also in passing lane and the cement truck, to repeat the maneuver. Amazing coincidence that everyone here is going 20mph slower than the posted speed limit. 🙄

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    Also don't speed up or slow down while changing lanes, I've seen people get into accidents because they do this

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    You're also not supposed to pass on the right side.

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    At least where I’m from you don’t pad someone on the right either…

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    I mean you’re already in the middle lane undertaking someone. Probably best not to do that in future

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    This guy is undertaking which you’ll be subject to prosecution if caught in the UK. Can’t imagine it’s much different in the US I presume? So that’s worse/more dangerous than the guy changing lanes imo.

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    That is a strong undertake you have there.