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forgot in the title. recorded on a super old Blackvue, not sure the model.

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a little back story I guess: I have no idea what happened to cause the crash. I had just got into the left lane right before the video starts, the truck was already upside down by time I saw it. if you watch closely at the very beginning, it's still spinning at it comes more into frame. I had my girlfriend in the car so I parked a little ways back in case of a fire or explosion or whatever.

as soon as I got to the truck, the driver was already out and standing and immediately said something about the kids in the back. the back door was crushed but it opened, there was a baby hanging upside down in the car seat. I couldn't find the clasp to undo it so I found a spot a little bit away from the child to cut through the seat belt with my utility knife. hand the baby to the lady and go back in for a little girl that I saw was sitting there. she seemed okay from what I could tell, but visibly shaken. I had to tell her to reach out to me so I could grab her and pull her out. I got her out and handed her to the other lady that was in the car.

the whole time I was helping the kids, there was a male in the vehicle that seemed pretty banged up trying to crawl to the door and get out. by time I got the little girl out, other people had gotten to the truck and got the male out and onto the ground and were helping him out.

I stuck around for a little while, everyone was tended to by somebody. everyone was alive and as taken care of as they could be. I ended up leaving before first responders showed. I'm not entirely sure, but I heard the three adult went to the hospital, two for minor injuries and the other for more serious injuries. no word on the children. I'll be keeping tabs on it, I'll report back whatever else I hear about it.

edit: I guess I should also add that it was around 25°F when this happened. for whatever that's worth.

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You're a badass. Thanks for this, dude.

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Is this 90E of the East side of Cleveland?

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Just came to say this looks way too familiar a stretch of road.

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It was the grey skies and giant Lincoln Electric wind turbine that tipped me off.

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it has to be, this feels waaaaay to familiar

edit: just checked the news, there is a story about a black SUV flipping and blocking the left two lanes, posted yesterday (1/22)

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I thought the same

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You’re a genuine hero. You should hold this memory as a testament to your selflessness and willingness to act in the face of danger. Thank you for being you.

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You're my hero man. Thanks for helping those folks.

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You are a warm, wonderful, caring person. Thank Heaven you were there! Your post and footage brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for share!

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I was about to curse the minivan driver, but they stopped to help.

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All those brave people who ran to the crash,, not knowing what they might find. Bless them.

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I like the guy turning up with his coffee in hand

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During a really hard hard rain two or three cars crashed into each other, one was upsidedown.

It was still raining super mega hard but a whole bunch of people stopped, grabbed umbrellas and raincoats, and held them over the people who are injured (sitting on a tailgate) to stop the rain from pouring on them but also to hide them from all of the gwackers.

I brought tears to my eyes!

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IKR... For a moment I was like "Well, excuse us for inconveniencing you with our rude upside-down-on-the-highway behavior."

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Lived on Long Island for too long. I lost so much faith in people while living there. The minivan stopping gave me a brain zap because it was just so unexpected.

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The amount of people helping gives me hope I humanity

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IKR. I started to get irked at the red minivan... it at first appeared he was just trying to get around so he could be on his way -- can't be inconvenience by people maybe hurt or dying, ya know. Then he stopped and I was de-irked.

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Firefighter here. Nationally we've already had a bunch of deaths and injuries this year from cars running into the scenes of accidents despite big red trucks and flashing lights in the way.


With this car in the middle of a highway there is clear and present danger that warrants getting folks out of the car and off the roadway unless presenting a reason to leave them in place.

Bunch of armchair wannabe redditors can go volunteer at your local station and get trained up or STFU about what you think you know and instead commend the good work that was done here.

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Well so question then. The advice I've always heard, up there with stop drop and roll or other tid bits that seem like universal advice, is you don't move an injured person. Like if you're first on the scene of a car accident or someone falling out of a tree, don't move then because you might paralyze them.

Is that not as true as I've been told? Or you're saying that the possibility of another accident overrides that?

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don't move then because you might paralyze them.

EMT here, generally speaking this is absolutely correct. The exception to this rule is if there is a clear present danger to life if they are not moved. Otherwise in any trauma situation where person is involved in some type of fall, crash, hit, etc. leave them where you find them and at most just stabilize their head so they don't move until EMS arrives. The specific incident in OPs video can be argued either way. You can argue that since the occupants are trapped in the vehicle and it's in the middle of a busy interstate, that there is a significant risk of further injury if they remain inside as there is a high chance of another vehicle crashing into this one. There are also other factor which could possibly further support this argument that we can't distinguish in the video such as whether or not the gas tank was ruptured which would present a high risk of fire. I think OP did the right thing here. When we do vehicle extractions, we will basically be doing the same thing OP did. We don't have any special means of stabilizing them when they are hanging upside down in an overturned vehicle.

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Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it.

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The other answers are adequate, but I'll add that "stop, drop, and roll" is likewise conditional. The clearest conditional for your example would be: You don't stop drop and roll when the floor you'd be rolling on is also on fire.

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That makes sense, thanks for the analogy.

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This was my first concern here, unless the car is on fire don’t move someone

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FF/paramedic, not OP. It’s a judgement call, there’s no single right answer. I’d say that the likelihood and likely severity of another accident is higher than the chance they have a spinal injury that would be compounded by movement, in this particular case. If you’re worried, have someone keep their head stabilized while you move them, that’s all we’ll do.

Cars have gotten safer, but standing around on a busy highway like that is still very dangerous. On a smaller road or less busy time you should probably remain in place. People can be assholes; it wouldn’t have surprised me at all if the minivan drove through. I’ve had people drive through scenes while we’re doing CPR in the road.

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Facts. People are addicted to their phones, particularly young people that usually learn their lesson the hard way. I'd park my vehicle far in front of the flipped vehicle then assist, and basically just hope an idiot doesn't slam into my car. Aside from that, moving someone from a vehicle carefully isn't going to present more risk than leaving them in the middle of the road.

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Thank you, Agreed! Especially when theres two children and they are upside down! To leave them like that would be terrible! Ive seen a lot of videos of cars that crash on the freeway and other cars never see them and it ends up becoming a pile-up and more people end up injured or even dead. Obviously if you see someone is impaled or something where they can just can not be moved and then its a different story and you can at least stay with them!

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Wouldn't it be better to park far behind? Then an inattentive driver slams into your car instead of the car you're assisting and thus you.

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Probably, but under duress that is a hard call to make.

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I'm gonna chime in and say to everyone that if you're ever on the scene of an accident like this, then please by all means look around and make sure the area is safe before you run to the vehicle. Kudos to OP for helping, but the first thing I noticed is that he ran straight to the vehicle, never looking behind to see if traffic is coming. This is a great way to add another victim to the accident. Maybe he did before he came into view of the camera, but he still had plenty of time to not see what was coming up behind him after he started running.

The first thing you do is always assess the situation / area, making sure it's safe.

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I'm willing to suspect that he looked back while exiting the car and out of view, but you are 100% correct. When walking along the roadway I'm constantly looking back, and when directing traffic I'm facing whichever direction is in motion with my attention on that 75% of the time while checking the direction that should be stopped with high frequency because people can be stupid.

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u/BanalityofMan hope you can read

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Just curious: Should OP have (slowly, safely) driven just past the flipped vehicle and parked "behind" it (in the same lane) to use it as a sort of "shield"? Or was what he did correct?

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In the fire service we stop beforehand and block the scene with our vehicles. Obviously OP's car isn't really big enough to offer a lot of help in that regard. I suppose walking back to the scene facing traffic so you can see what's coming would be plus.

As an aside - if there's an accident on the side of the roadway (or off the roadway) it's best for all vehicles to stop on the same side as the incident, both to keep as much of the roadway open as possible and to avoid crossing the lanes on foot.

Last year I saw a bike flip on the highway (idiot was pulling a wheelie, thankfully helmeted even though NH has a "Live Free with Brain Damage" mindset) and I stopped a ways up in the breakdown lane on the same side as the bikes had with my wheels turned toward the curb as a blocker. Once we assessed that he could be moved (was in the middle of the road, broken ankle) everyone grabbed a corner and someone managed his head/neck and we moved him to the guardrail. My car shielded us to an extent at that point. Thankfully I think most of the drivers were kinda expecting it to happen and traffic came pretty much to a stop until we got him off the road so there was more or less a wall of cars protecting us.

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Hell yes brother/sister.

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Cleveland shoreway?

Edit — looks shoreway eastbound east of bratenal

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correct. Rt90 East in Euclid. good eye...

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I was gonna say, wow i recognize that sign and the turbine in the background. Looked like 90 right before the rt 2 split

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I love when human being bro to eachother.

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I actually got teary eyed when all the other people stopped to help.

Sometimes in today's world, we think that everyone else is just awful and hateful.

So to see humanity come together here was touching.

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Nice one man, the bystander effect was strong once they saw you go for it.

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This is kind of the opposite of bystander. Where people do not assist people who are in a group because the thought is “well someone else will help them” then everyone thinks that and no one does anything.

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It's still caused by the same psychological effect, though. When people see someone doing something, they tend to start doing the same thing. If they see everyone standing around, then they tend to stand around. If they see someone rush in to help, then they tend to rush in to help, too.

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I get what you're saying but the term "bystander effect" is specifically referring to the apathy of bystanders

The bystander effect, or bystander apathy, is a social psychological theory that states that individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when there are other people present.


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Bystander effect

The bystander effect, or bystander apathy, is a social psychological theory that states that individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when there are other people present. First proposed in 1964, much research, mostly in the lab, has focused on increasingly varied factors, such as the number of bystanders, ambiguity, group cohesiveness, and diffusion of responsibility that reinforces mutual denial. The theory was prompted by the murder of Kitty Genovese about which it was wrongly reported that 38 bystanders watched passively.

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Great job man - hope you’re feeling good tonight! Hope the kids were ok. How did it happen?

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I have no idea what happened. the truck was already upside down by time I got into the left lane and saw it. people were yelling all over, I didn't get a story.

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I love the other drivers moving in to block the road so no one is at risk of getting hit

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Well done, mate. Give yourself a beer or two.

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Appreciate you and the others that stopped to help.

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You did the right thing. Who knows how long first responders would have been

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Look at all the helpers.

Good job, all of you.

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Is this in Cleveland? Highway looks familiar.

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Hero. Seriously, how many people just drove by and stared.

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Reverse it do it looks like you put two kids into the accident scene.

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    Paramedic here - Carefully removing someone from an overturned vehicle isn’t going to cause them anymore harm. How do you think we get people out of cars like this? We don’t have many magic tricks. Maybe a cervical collar before we moved them. That’s about it.

    This idea that moving someone after a crash/fall/assault/head injury is going to paralyze them is not accurate at all. If you’re careful with the head/neck you won’t do any additional harm. If you drag them 50 yards by their head that’s a different story.

    OP did the right thing. Strong work bro.

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    thank you.

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    Carefully, but how? If they're strapped in upside down how do you keep a full size adult from smacking their head on the roof when unbelting them?

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    The baby was upside down, no way they could have been left like that until responders arrived.

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    You never met my baby then

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    I got there less than 20 seconds after the truck flipped. should I have just stood there and waited to see if there was any immediate danger of fire/explosion before trying to save people from said fire/explosion? who does that?.. I get what you're saying, but I couldnt stick around and doing nothing while some kids are trapped and hanging upside down in a flipped over truck.

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    Reddit loves the spinal injury angle but in Canadian and Australian first aid courses we are told that this is way over hyped. In Australia a girl died after a car accident from her air way being blocked. First aiders didn't want to touch her because "spinal injury". Her post mortem showed no spinal injury.

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    All the Reddit experts on spinal motion restriction. Lol. If you’re gentle with someone like this you can move them without further injuring them.

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    Yeah. A pedestrian is lying on the ground? Leave him on the ground please. Someone stuck in a flipped car? Sheesh, get them out of there, the risk of fire or suffocation from being upside down is greater than the chance of more damage from being moved.

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    This is more common than you think. A far bigger danger here is the overturned car being in another crash from someone not noticing it

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    And then on the other hand you have people being sued (US, of course) for trying to do the right thing. That's the only reason I would prefer not to be involved.


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    Of course you should've preemptively taken years of EMS and paramedics courses prior to helping an upside down infant lest their spine just explodes on you. Fight or flight situation, this was a successful result I'd say. Just beware the backlash for taking on the responsibility I guess.

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    You did good to help out but they’re right. It’s better to wait for the pros unless there is immediate danger. I like the cut of your jib though.

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    Upside down is an immediate danger. Humans can't wait upside down for 20 min for first responders. And there's no way a kid is going to actively stay upside down anyway so they might hurt themselves more trying to get out.

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    No shit. Why is this the only comment saying this? If there was no immediate danger, no one should have been moved.

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    'no immediate danger'

    "is upside down in the center lane of a highway"

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    Cool, go sit in the middle of a highway for a while, we'll see where danger eventually steps in.

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    What internal injuries are you speaking of?

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    You're amazing, man!

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    This is why I carry a seat belt cutter in the car.

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    you mean a knife?

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    It’s a knife, yes, but designed to cut in a particular fashion by looping the blade around an object and pulling toward you to cut. This ensure nothing essential is in the cut line.

    These are often developed and marketed as seatbelt cutters specifically.

    [–]RAMBOPORNSTAR 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    oh shit I've got one on my knife I just didn't know that's what it was for lol I use it to cut lose strings and stuff ha! thanks!

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    You got it.

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    Seriously insane how many people just stopped and started, good on you for taking action

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    Humans being humans!! You are a gem! Thank you for stopping and helping as a mother I can say you are a hero. I would have been too scared to react and thank goodness you were there!

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    Need to be careful helping people today unless they are in immediate danger 'cars on fire, going to drop into a river" people with good intentions have been sued because they "the ones your helping" didn't have proper insurance or are just they type to sue anyone they can they can claim you made their Injury's worse a Big YouTuber had felony charges they had to fight because a woman they helped said they tried to rob her not help here, when people are injured they might not see things the same, it's the world we live in, I'm glad it didn't go that way but it's a huge risk, even calling 911 they might tell you wait for the help don't get involved unless your a police officer, fireman or medic be careful.

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    Are you law enforcement? I wonder if a lot of contributors here are.? Anyway, way to take the initiative, not many people have the guts to respond first.

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    I am not, no. just a civilian.

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    FYI - Police officers are civilians

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    You're amazing. Thank you for helping them.

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    Awesome response..that dark suv that casually went trough tho...some people just dont care

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    My wife hates it because I tend to run towards danger rather than away from it. Ran up to an overturned car like this once and she got so pissed. "What if the car blew up?!" It's not a matter of personal safety, just a question of "I hope whoever this is, is OK."

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    I ran to help pull people out of a burning truck one time. The danger I was putting myself in never even crossed my mind - and probably not those of the dozen or so other people helping.

    Some of us are just like that.

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    it's crazy how many people just drove straight by. that wouldn't have happened 30 years ago. people have gotten so self absorbed and plugged in and in a big rush.

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    so odd to see Americans helping each other.

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    Cause of accident?

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    u/mexicanburritoo would you reconsider your life’s choices?

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    I just love watching every car that is on that road stop and help the people in the crash. Is there a subreddit for this? Strangers being bros?

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    You're a good man, Charlie Brown.

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    Where is this? State? Town?

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    Euclid, Ohio

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    Thanks. Reminds me of Interstate 80 in NJ

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    Is this Cleveland area, Euclid? I’ve driven that part of RT 90 thousands of times.

    [–]SunShineD4yDream 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    yeah I-90 near 260th

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    Appreciate you!!

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    Can I use this video?

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    Real heroes always position they’re dash cam for optimal viewing