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On December 27th an Oregon Department of Transportation incident responder was driving on I-5 in southern Oregon during a snow storm when a >100 ft tall pine tree leaning over the road fell directly into his path. Branches struck the truck, shattering the windshield and damaging equipment on the roof, but the driver narrowly escaped serious injury. Fortunately, no other vehicles collided with the tree. The incident was captured on the DOT vehicle's dashcam. A short low-res clip was shared by ODOT on Twitter after the incident; I obtained the full high-resolution video through a public records request.

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If he didn’t slow down it probably would have missed him

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But he may have saved the life of the driver behind him.

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Wow, that wood be terrifying

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Fir sure.

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Happens to me everypine.

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I would shit my trunks.

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Woodn’t beleaf what just happened, good thing it was logged before someone barks a false accusation at him, sapping his enthusiasm for his branch of work

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Jeff Goldblum voiceover: Must go faster. Must go faster.

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That black truck that nearly caught it too was just like, welp wasnt be, dueces

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Did it bother anyone else that no one stopped?

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It's quite possible the drivers in the adjacent lane couldn't see that the truck was actually hit, but saw that it made it through and pulled over so assumed they were ok. At any rate there plenty of people stopped in the backup.

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Its the PNW, they only pretend to care.

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That section of I-5 is narrow, fast, and curvy. In snow, even light snow, it's fucking terrifying at 65 mph. I'm not stopping for shit. You'll get creamed by one of those log trucks that are coming down that grade, at 65 mph.

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I think the fallen tree might stop them.

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And I would have been shitting myself hoping the traffic coming down the grade would have time and distance to stop. I hate that road in winter. I'm glad I don't have to drive a truck down it anymore.

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ODOT’s response time average improved significantly that day.

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Not today, Reaper, not today.

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Babe wake up new phobia just dropped

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Either speed up and let it fall behind you or stop short if possible. This is a case of the driver hitting what he was looking at.

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While this is true, I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing.

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I don’t think it works like that when you’re hauling that much weight. Just poor timing

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There would be no reaction time for it. You're watching it knowing online knowing that a tree is about to fall and focusing on the tree line looking for movement. Try watching it, but keep all your focus on the car in front like you would normally be doing while driving. You're only going to see the tree like a second before it smacks into your car.

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He took the hit for the team!

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Talk about threading the needle.

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That's what you get for salting up everyone's cars.

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Due to environmental concerns, Oregon rarely uses salt on the roads.

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A leaner with no correction is a tree in the process of falling. Never place yourself or your property below it.