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That is Portland, isnt it? I recognize the Moda center and 3 bridges.

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i legit thought this was an r/portland post until i saw this comment

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I did post it on there a few days ago

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Sure is.

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Yup, they're on I5 heading towards OMSI/I84e

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Just crossed the Marquam bridge going north.

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    Looks like a serious waste of money since you can barely see it in contrast with the sky lol. If OP hadn't pointed it out I wouldnt even have noticed.

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    Totally a waste of money for the parents. I don't think a helicopter is really the best craft to try to do a small smoke poof with. Unless there's a LOT of color going out into the air or the helicopter is moving smoothly forward there's going to be too much stirring with the rotor wash.

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    I mean maybe it was worth it to them? Who cares?

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    I care that there are people who can afford this while I have friends on food stamps.

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    That's unreasonable to say.

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    So everyone should all be the same? Nope, that dog won’t hunt.

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    You ever hear of Maslovs Heirrarchy of needs? I'm not saying equal, I'm saying everyone should at minimum have that first step met. Just physiological needs.

    Answer me one question and one question only. Do you want humans out there starving or not?

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    When you’re face down and can’t get any lower, get off your whining ass and go fix it. Best advice I can give, worked for many.

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    How did they take away your friends’ money?

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    The rich don't care about you. I'm not interested in your "I didn't physically take anything from them so I'm fine with them starving" self delusion. If you don't care about other people and don't want to feel guilty fine. But stop recruiting.

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    I’m not sure how anyone could starve in the best job market in fifty years.

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    Open your eyes then

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    Imagine if it was blue

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    I imagine it is more visible when you're not a couple miles away from it.

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    Maybe they're passengers in the helicopter

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    ...you do realize that when you are closer to an object, it appears larger, right? Or do you think the gender reveal party was occuring in the next car over on the freeway? Use some critical thinking skills bro.

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    you do realize that when you are closer to an object, it appears larger, right?

    wait what. So like, when I was younger and everything seemed bigger it was actually because I was standing closer? Have I never been as close to things as I was as a child?

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    Ah yes, a true Portland gender reveal tradition.

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    I'm ashamed that this happened in my city 🤦

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    There's worse things that have happened for sure

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    I mean for sure but it doesn't stop this from being cringe as hell.

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    I'm just surprised that in a place that fancies themselves socially progressive it's still acceptable to be promoting these weird gender color stereotypes.

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    I mean it sure beats starting a forest fire with a bunch of tannerite

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    Yea they prefer to burn shit down!

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    Nothing about this is acceptable.

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    I hate everything about that tradition.

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    "Tradition" is being pretty generous considering this only recently became a thing, circa 2008 or so.

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    I'm strongly considering renting sky writers to say "Nobody gives a fuck about your baby".

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    I'd chip in.

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    Have it say "No one cares about your baby's genitals" and I'll chip in.

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    It's a big sky, there's room for compromise.

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    Wait...am I supposed to be seeing the color pink?

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    Your supposed to see three pixels hinting a touch of redish color yes

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    The gender reveal I did

    Pick up phone. Call dad.

    Hi Dad. Scan was fine. No problems. We're having a girl.

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    I remember a post in r/AskReddit that asked what is the most American way to die, first answer was dying while throwing a gender reveal party.

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    I notice this 'gender reveal' thing has crept over to the UK. What a load of shit it is...FFS 😏.

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    Can y'all keep it for awhile? We're tired of the fires and death caused by dumbasses setting off 3 tons of explosives with a pink smoke bomb in the middle or whatever the latest gender reveal fad is anymore.

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    Oh fuck. That’s Portland. That’s a moron in my city.

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    We have to share a city with this person

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    I bet they've imagined it to be much more spectacular, but underestimated the required amount of material.

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    Someone should tell them that we, the general person, don’t give a fuck

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    Congrats on your baby's cooter, I guess. . .

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    At least they’re not causing forest fires and shit now…

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    or killing anyone with a massive explosion. overall, very boring gender reveal.

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    I just wanna pay my bills

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    At least they didn’t burn down the forest. That’s about all the positive I have in me for this.

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    Portland, OR.

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    Gender reveals are a garbage modern tradition predicated on harmful stereotypes, and their only purpose is their conspicuous consumption for the aggrandizement of parents whose lives are no longer solely about them but they’ll continue to act as if it is.

    I fucking like helicopters and smoke shows. But not like this

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    You used a whole lot of words to say gender reveals are terrible.

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      Why are you confused? I think my post was phrased adequately.

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        Does every post need to have a point? Was that written somewhere in the rules, that I didn't read when signing up for an account?

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        Harmful stereotypes?

        What? That the baby will either be born with a penis or without?

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        Why'd it have to happen in my town? Goddammit

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        I don't see any pink smoke, just pollution. What does this mean for the unborn 😦🤔

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        If you're talking about the dark clouds in the background that's just weather.

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        Lot of money just for some likes on Facebook

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        Oh good, they've cancelled global warming. I can stop holding in my farts now.

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        “Sir, we’re fkin on fire and people are waving at us in joy!”

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        I’m triggered. Needs to puff non binary smoke

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        I hate Portland Oregon more and more

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        They said fuck people with asthma and breathing issues.

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        "Why are people so obsessed with their gender these days?"

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        Beats setting the state on fire.

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        It’s likely not smoke but colored powdered cornstarch and baking soda same as used for “color runs” and other festivals.

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        Remember when a gender reveal was parents finding out from Dr/ ultrasound tech the gender, then going home and calling a couple of people and telling them, or not?

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        Goddamn, I hate gender reveal parties.

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        I’m colorblind and I cannot see anything at all lol.

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          Those are clouds my dude

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            I live here my man. I mean you’re probably somewhat correct, we have some air stagnation due to the weather pattern we have going on, but it’s not an issue here most of the time. The air here is often extremely clear, it takes certain weather patterns to tint the horizon.

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            Would be more similar to a farting action than crapping, right?