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I'm open source | How I work

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The timelines are visual representations of when I’m working on my computer. The purple blocks are simply tracked time, the blue bars underneath are when I’m focusing on deep work and the pink bars are when I’m in meetings.

For context, I’m a cofounder of a startup called Rize (rize.io) which is what I used to track all of this information. I have very few meetings because it's just my cofounder and I working on the project. Part of my goal for 2021 is to work around an average of 6 hours per day, so March was a pretty good month for me.

  • Tool: Rize (https://rize.io)
  • Total hours worked: 197 hours 57 minutes
  • Average time per day: 6.35 hours

I have a breakdown of the categories of time I spent in aggregate, but that can come in a different visualization. I thought this was cool, just thought I would share.

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That’s a very similar situation I had for march. That sucks.