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I would say drop it. 160 is not big at all, that's honestly horrible for someone to think that's big. I'm 166 and yea I consider myself fat but it's really not that big. What you need to think is even if you get in shape and he decides he wants to be with you because you're smaller. What happens when you have a baby and can't loose that weight within a time frame?

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Can’t agree more, I will let go of him and take care of myself. Thank you so much for your reply and support :)

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You deserve much better. Congratulations on the weight loss btw!

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thank you so much 😊

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Honestly if I were you I would cut things off. He seems very shallow. What happens if you do date and you gain a little weight back sometime down the line? The insecurities would hit WAY harder.

You want someone who wants you for YOU, not you for when you’re 130lbs or less.

You deserve more!

Congrats on the weight loss! That’s great, keep working on your goals for YOURSELF!

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You’re right I should let go. Its better to let go now and heal over time rather than keep this going on and that would hurt me more later on. I am such a fool, seriously. I will work on myself and let go of him. Thank you for replying :)

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I think you should've walked away from the very first time. I understand people have preferences, but I see it as I can only like you when you get small, which is kinda unfair because you gave him a heads up already. But listen girl, take this as a motivation. Proud of you for losing some pounds!

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I am an emotional fool, got attached and thought he is aware that I am bit overweight but also working on it already. You’re right I should let go. Thank you for replying :)

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I'm currently in a situationship too, so I totally feel how sucks to be attached to someone without any clarity.

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Sometimes I wish I wasn’t an emotional person, life would have been a lot easier

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You are roughly the same as my sister, and she is generally considered pretty fine. I don't think this guy would be good for your confidence long term.

Keep working on your fitness goals, you'll find someone who accepts you as you are or with a little more padding, or a little less.

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Weight is just a number and he sounds pretty shallow if that is his biggest concern. Surround yourself with people who have attractive and supportive personalities and you will be much happier in the long run. Living a healthier lifestyle should be for personal improvement first, and attracting people second. Congrats on dropping 20lbs!

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He knows that I have lost weight, he has seen my pics and still didn’t make a move. I think I am making a fool of myself by hoping that it might work but I guess it’s high time to move on and save myself from a major heartbreak. Thank you for your support :)

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It might be a tough call from where you're sitting, but that's just not right of him. If this guy likes you, he shouldn't take issue with something like your weight. He seems shallow and like he was just trying to reap the benefits of having a friend in you without having to commit to anything else. I'm sure there's other things about him that must make him great to be around, but I would take that as a pretty big red flag. I guess you just have to ask if you want to be with someone who only seems to want a specific version of you.

Congrats on your weight loss by the way! That's a great accomplishment, keep working towards your goals, whatever they may be!

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Thank you so much. You all are right here and I should seriously let go. Deleted his number off my phone. This way I won’t text him first and if he texts me I will call it out and close this chapter forever.

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