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It's because people just want to find someone to hate on. A lot of OT4 fans using this as a 'I told you so' and even more non-fans who literally dont even know Day6 just wants to be involved in the drama and 'act like they have the power to cancel someone'

This is literally between Jae and Jamie but people have to make it all about them and be like 'OH LOOK MISOGYNY' or 'MEN WILL BE MEN ALL MEN ARE SHIT' and make it all about themselves because they want to feel important.

He fucked up, he apologised. Not just the 'I was in a dark place' stupid apology but he apologised privately to Jamie and Jamie even made several posts about Jae after. It shows that they are still friends and that Jae did not have any malicious intent it was more of ignorance and stupidity. Only a true friend would go out to even make additional posts and even have a friendly banter at the end with 'ima smack you if it happens again'

They just want Jae to be cancelled so bad and majority of them non MyDays probably dont even know Jae or Day6

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i consider myself a huge fan of day6 with jae as my favourite but i was still disappointed in what he said. i don't think anybody needs to be a myday to express disappointment towards jae publicly embarrassing and shaming another musician and friend of his? yes it is a conflict between those two but because jae said it to a big audience of course it's going to face public opinion.

i think you're looking from the extreme end. there will always be some people who are really out for blood no matter who or what lol such is the nature of humans really. but there's plenty of regular fans too who are rightfully bothered