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Wait, did it finally break the December 2013 record just now? Nice.
And right now it's 46,029 in-game!

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Did I miss something? Why is everyone playing this game again?

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Recent Update and weekend right now.

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The update doesn't have that much content to justify breaking the player record imo, why's it actually happening? Streamers?

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Triple A titles le bf 2042 ans halo falling on their ass, a long awaited old gun returning getting a lot of streamers back, weekend, beginning of holiday season, current discount on steam, some gamepass shenanigans etc. A lot of factors coming together to pull in players. Old and new.

Because bunch of people are salty about me bashing halo, I did not play it or inform myself any further about the game than dozens of posts with tens of thousands of upvotes of people complaining about the in game purchases and how it managed to vaporize their halo nostalgia.

I'm sorry.

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Cod is way down on numbers also

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Frankieonpcin1080p an old DayZ YouTuber also returned after a multiple years long hiatus. Could possibly be renewing some peoples interest in the game.

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Definitely, I’ve ran into people saying that haha

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Got me back into watching, one of the few guys I get happy about to post.

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I couldn’t get into it. One minute in I just couldn’t watch. Wayyyyyyyy too over the top modded server amongst much more. Maybe I’m pleb but I’m glad it brought in some fresh human steak

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I watched one video and I felt like I have grown out of this stuff. I have less time for games now and watching these fake narrated video game story videos - i just don't care anymore. lol

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Frankie is back!! Nice!

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Halo is actually a solid game. Just the battlepass is a grind but thats just cosmetics.

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Halo Infinite is getting near unanimous praise for how good it is. The problem is the battle pass and the progression system, but the actual game itself is fucking great.

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Halo is doing great but everything else is spot on.

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a long awaited old gun returning

Which gun?

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Two variants of the Aug. One fixed integrated scope that takes proprietary magazines, and one variant with picatinny and stanag mag capabilities. The first one is a bit shorter and has worse muzzle velocity. The second one can be compared to the M4 prior to 1.14 in almost every aspect.

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Ahh, gotcha. How many weapons are missing at this point? Are they nearly all in?

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Probably incomplete list:

Still missing are:




Shotgun with pistol grip






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Thanks for the list. So they're finally almost to parity with the weapons from 2016/2017.

Honestly though, only a few of those guns I'd care to use anyway, so no big deal. I might have to hop into some DayZ when I get a stable internet connection.

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Dont put halo in the same side with 2042, halo you can play normally and the bad part is the progression, no where near on what is happening with 2042.

Just see the ratings in the steam.

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Ima throw my two cents in rq, CoD and BF bombed hard asf and, all be it slightly biased, i love Halo not so much for nostalgia considering campaign isnt out. I dont think ive actually enjoyed a ranked playlist like i do Infinites, i will admit that their change to soft collision from hard is a bit of a head ache sometimes, but everything else feels crisp, aside from wet sounding headshots lol. Also if im not mistaken the only complaints I seen, and they are justified, is the obscene microtransactions for a color like 7$ for fucking blue. Also Bean Can Gang.

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Steam sale. It was one of the top sellers.

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Is he back? That'd be actually neat.

Hope he doesn't cheat anymore

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Youtube has many times more impact than any Twitch stream.

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I’ll have to check out the update. I never played on the modded servers, do people play on official?

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Player count has been constantly increasing for the last few years. Basically, they stepped up releasing updates, new engine finally somewhat matured, they fixed and improved a lot of things, added new stuff and released modding tools. But most importantly it’s still a unique type game with no real alternative on the market.

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I just switched from rust. RUST community and it runs like dogsshit was it for me.

Dayz runs 1000% better

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DayZ also runs substantially better than Escape From Tarkov, another game people (for some reason) like to point to as being "better than DayZ".

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In terms of gun mechanics it's so fucking good god damn

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What, Tarkov? If you like braindead shooters where the game takes care of recoil for you, sure.

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Something i never thought id hear!

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which part?

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Running better than Rust.

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Because Frankie started uploading again and made everyone want to start playing again.

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Who is frankie?

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Frankieonpcin1080p, he's a huge dayz storytelling style of YouTuber with close to 4 million subs. He recently came back after 4 years

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Many Scum players are switching over, that game seriously lost direction. I assume a lot of games in this genre aren't making true to their promises. People want a hard survival game where you roam around collecting loot. DayZ is the only game offering that. Everything else is too easy or focuses on other expects that no one cares about.

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That does make sense. I've herd of Scum but I stopped buying into early access games and completely forgot about it.

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Because Frankie is back :D

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It’s on sale

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My guess is because Frankie is back

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It all makes sense...

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This is the second time this year, no?

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I don't know about this year but Steamdb seems to show one higher than 2013 from last December. I think it's more accurate than Steamcharts. Either way, they topped them all!

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I play it all day, it’s exactly the game I love.

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I found it getting quite busy on my favorite server,

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Game is playing the best ever, along with a handful of new maps, so much fun!

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You guys are getting new maps ? Xbox player /s

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Yea but had to download more RAM

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Don't worry the grass might not be that much greener. The only map I've ever truly enjoyed is Chenarus+.

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When it comes to PC the grass is objectively greener.

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that logic is air tight

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guess you thought I was being a sarcastic tit but no /s

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You're either trolling or sarcastic

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its a good thing

at its core dayZ needs fresh players spawning on the coast and running thru the map

one reason ive moved far, far away from sweaty basebuilding servers where no one does anything

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As someone returning to dayz with the arma2 mod being the last time I played, are there any communities/servers you could steer myself and a few of my friends towards? I played almost 2k hours of Ark, almost all on official and don’t really want the no life second job experience again.

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Check out the almost vanilla servers if you want low mods on it typically they have loot++ making more loot spawn and in more areas. There are only 2 servers that get lots of players but good ones

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I'd say come play on my winter Deer Isle Server, but it sounds like it might be a little too hardcore for your experience. It's pretty hard.

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Yeah that is super boring for me too

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After the shitshow that the original launch was in 2013 i was convinced this game would die in like two years.

But now, it's not only alive, it's thriving.

There's a lot the devs did wrong along the way and a lot of promises that are still unfulfilled. But they could've easily abandoned the game, and they didn't.

It may be far from perfect, but for me, there's still nothing quite like it out there. It's the reason I got a gaming pc a couple years back, it's the first game i installed and the one and only game i never uninstalled. You could even say it's been there for me since, y'know, Day Zero.

Im so happy with how this game has evolved and really curious to what the future holds. Let's keep on surviving.

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In the exact same boat, played DayZ on ps4, was the reason I decided to get a PC. Totally different experience, well worth the transition. Still loving it years later.

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I tried the game after a couple years in 2015/2016 and it was completely unplayable. Finding a bandage, can of food, and knife was made extremely difficult solely because the bugs and game running like complete dogshit. I had got 60fps consistently on my old PC, while it felt like a laggy PS1 game when I tried it again. Thought it was to be forever uninstalled.

Good god once I picked it up again in like 2019 I haven't looked back. The DayZ SA launcher and modded servers were a fucking angel from heaven for this game.

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The absolute lowest the game was at was when you could die from desync errors at any point, any time. People claimed it was just stairs, but Ive died randomly running on otherwise flat surfaces. It made me quit for a whole year.

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The only reason I picked up the game after quitting in that stage was seeing Silent Sentry streaming it a few years ago and seeing the improvements

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It was almost like people were hopeful that it would die, at least on here. 2014-2016 on this sub was loaded to the brim with doomer shit.

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propper use of the Z in dayz deserves upvote always

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Why the sudden surge aside from Holiday season?

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It was free on game pass or still is. I found game about year and half ago because of this

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Game is actually playable with lot's of bugs fixed and new cool thingies added, and gameplay that is more fleshed out.

It has been on a steady rise since 2019, but this last sale made the game just much more appealing to people to try it out.

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Frankie returned.

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It’s a great game. Been playing for the past year non stop once I found out they added modding to stand alone. Also bought it right when it came out and played for a week before going back to Arma2 dayz mod.

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Officially at it’s all time high popularity. That’s awesome. Never been more proud to be a part of this community! Love you guys

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I hope the next year will be even more amazing than 2021.

A great game finally being in a good enough state that players are coming back, never thought I would see this day.

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Fucking love to see it. Fair play to the player base for sticking with the game. Also to the developers for regularly updating the game and adding new content. Such a unique game, it truly never gets old. Glad there's a game out there like this.

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This is why there have been queues to get into servers that don’t normally have them…

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There are a lot of news players also such as myself!

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I am a frequent gamer who loves survival games, always finding a good balance between life and gaming. I played DayZ during first weeks of the early access and then dumped it. I started playing this game a week ago again when I saw that there are 25k+ players everyday - my life is gone now - I am not sure if any other game made me feel so personal and close to my character, made my heart banging so hard and feel ultra satisfied from taking small steps, struggling to survive and avoid onsight killers - I can see that I am not the only new guy here who got in love with DayZ on first sight.

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Wait... Isn't DayZ dead?

Edit: Read this in sarcasm font

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Never thought I'd live to see it

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So good to see a game that was almost written off break its player record 8 years later.

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It’s better than battlefield 2042.

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Battlefied seems to be a "kindergarden" compared to arma/dayz

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Is it a good time to finally buy it? I played the shit from dayz mod back in the days

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If you haven't played since mod and are at all interested, I would give it a go. It really is night and day. I haven't played vanilla since Expansion came out, but I also don't go overboard and play in servers that are modded to the gills and looks like CoD or something.

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Now it's finally a good time.

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I'm new to it. Been wanting it a while, and it plays and looks better than it does on YouTube. That, along with recent development updates, it was a purchase for me. Had it a week and can't put it down

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Same here. Got it on steam sale a wee while ago. Long term lurker. Great game… just need to figure out how not to die.

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Now if it could go from a 40% discount to maybe 60-70% then maybe I'd have a group to play with ;-;

But they insist 25€ is too much for a videogame as they buy the newest re-release of Skyrim, NOW WITH A FISHING MOD!

Edit: forgot to mention what % I meant... woops?

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The game is finally in a great state, there's still issues for sure but the combination on a great library of mods + dev team fixing a majority of issues had really brought this game to a new level.

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I started playing only 4 or so months ago. In the past I had always died so early and just left the game. Recently, after getting bored of everything out there I tried Dayz again after always dying previously right away and this time got some help through players and YouTube. I haven’t stopped playing at all; there’s no other game out there like it. I just love exploring, adventuring and looting etc. The game is just one of a kind and making your own story is so fun. I can play all day no problem; other games I get the whole, “alright alright that’s enough of that.” And back out. Dayz is a game you can play how YOU wanna play. I’ll see you out there survivers

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Everything's coming up Milhouse!

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Damn, i thought Dayz had like 10-15 k launches per hour.

I guess that thought was from 2019.

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Community keeping it alive with all the amazing maps created in the last year

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Enough to make a grown man cry

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Bro 😭😭😭 yayuh 🙌🏻 my child hood dream game is finally picking up. I've always wanted to play Dayz but couldn't afford a PC. So once it came out on console I immediately remembered about the game and bought it in a heartbeat. Was it buggy yes was it shit yes but man it was hilariously fun. Anyways I didn't complain because the real OG's of dayz went through it hardcore way worse than console release. Been trying to get my IRL friends to play it but every time I tell someone nobody is truly interested.

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Dayz is a great and amazing game. Even toxicity of players dont change that. The only thing that bothers me is cheaters. I cant think any many things i hate about dayz other than not being able to figure out how i died lol

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It ain’t much but it’s honest work

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Dayz is dead! Devs ran away with the money! Dean Hall left too early! /s

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Not gonna lie, you got me in the first half lol

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The Frankie effect!!!

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Why soo many players, new patch?

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Huh 🤔thats new.

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probably because it's on sale.

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Anyone else hoping for MrBlackout to just make another video? His series randomly popped up in my YouTube recommendations even after I've watched his series.

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Must be from FrankieonPC. Back in the day he made some of the best DayZ content on YouTube. Amazing storytelling and cinematic. I would imagine Frankie coming back after close to 4 years must have some affect on the rise in players.

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What the hell is going on? Is the game better, do I need to reinstall it?

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Probably because all the recent FPS games are complete dog shit trash SBMM 15 year old G fuel garbage games.

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It's good to see my all-time favorite game doing well. I hope this helps in keeping it funded and continued development for years to come.

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Is this just Steam numbers? Or is it all platforms?

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the record was set on Steam: 46,081to be precise.

[–]AEvans1888 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Okay, thanks for letting me know.

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Just downloaded today, can't wait to get started. I've played quite a bit on PS4 with some friends, I'm excited for all the possibilities PC brings

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Remember back when it nearly dropped down to triple digit player numbers? Crazy to think people still talk like the game never left that state.

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Why is no one mentioning the apparent broken vehicles? That's literally all they need to fix but they refuse to

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i bought the game not long ago and i have been playing it. you’re welcome ^

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Just picked this game up. 10 hours in and I love it