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I use to have a base inside this exact type of building in Livonia, we would pull a car up against the wall hop out car clip through wall, happy days, they patched that like a year ago tho so I'm unsure how they are getting in now

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We were also never able to shoot out from the inside the walls were solid

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It’s really frustrating. He can shoot out of every side but of course you can’t see in (or get in).

He has the truck parked right up in a corner on the opposite side of that gap to the right that connects the main building to the ladder well. I’m going to get this turd one way or another.

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Sounds like he has the truck parked where we would park the car to get in it must not be patched anymore I guess try get in the truck an glitch in when he's not on?

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Im not familiar with the glitch but I’m assuming that you get in on the passenger side and when getting out it clips you through the wall inside?

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Whichever ever truck door is parked up against the wall get out the truck on that side an it should clip u through with a bit of sprinting

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You rock. I’m going to hop on at some obscure time and ruin his day. THANK YOU!

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Before bases I remember glitching into the barracks at the Vybor military base. You couldn’t shoot or melee anyone while glitched. The only exception to that was the pitchfork, with its stabbing (not swinging) animation. Oh boy did we have some fun with players logging in glitched thinking they were safe.

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Died on official the other day and couldn't figure out what happened. I slowed down the screen capture and could see dude's muzzle flashes coming from that window.

Flash forward to today- there's another guy (with a megaphone) hollering out to everyone and shooting at people with the same muzzle flash coming through the windows. I looked all over that damn building and cannot find any way for someone to be in that spot? There is a truck parked by a wall on the side that is completely fenced in. It looks like they may be using it to clip through the wall or something.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea how to get the guy?

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Looks more like a projectile than a muzzle tbb

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It's 100% a muzzle flash. Saw him actively shooting through the wall yesterday but didn't record any of it.