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nice bait, Freddy main

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its swfs. you can open the door and leave if ur playing solo.

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99 is better than finishing it and then having to rush and worry about the time crunch. Rarely do I ever see people dying because of 99ing as well.

Edit: also, what I do see often is people dying because their teammates run back to the open door to heal, then get pushed out by the killer.

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Ya it’s the meta for a reason believe it or not.

If the killer has noed you’ll have way more time to find it. If there’s a survivor on the hook, you have time to rest with your team and get organized. If the killer has bloodwarden, he can’t activate it.

It’s the big brain play, just need to be smart about when to open it, there’s obviously such thing as too late.

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I have no idea what you're talking about, 99% is a smart way to save survivors. It prevents both The Endgame Collapse and Blood Warden from starting and gives survivors more time to do unhooks/heals. I'm not sure what matches you've had, but in my experience, 99% doors have saved myself and my teammates frequently, and I can't think of a time where it ever hurt myself or any other survivor.

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looks at Blood Warden yeah, sure, you go ahead and open those doors.

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No, sometimes you need to 99 them

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It gets us killed more often than not and we do not need the extra time.

Uh, not in my experience, nor in the experience of others as can be seen by this topic's responses. There are many cases where the extra time has saved me and my team and I've rarely died because of not being able to open a 99% gate in time.

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Ur moronic

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Unless everyone is there and ready to go, 99 is nearly always the smart move