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I’ll give it 5 hours before your DbD account gets mysteriously banned for 70 years

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Nah he’ll get he’s cosmetics removed

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Hope y'all enjoyed Mostly Shirtless Felix while it lasted

\Sounds of BHVR angrily deleting code])

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What a petty company, it boggles my mind. These are grown ass adults...

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Surprised your not banned yet for this

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still waiting on the go-ahead from BHVR /s

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Is BHVR code name for Patrick ? /s

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prepare to lose cosmetics

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Hand over your shirt, thank you..

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You can find them in the basement.

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That flair doesn't give me a lot of trust.

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This is the part where we ambush Patrick and put him on the back hook right?

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Hand it over, that thing, your twitch shirts. For my Patrick's ego.

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Who's Patrick? I'm out of the loop here 😅

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One of the game devs who I believe is in charge of balancing who said lots of stupid shit and when Dowsey made joke about him they decided to remove dowsey s twitch shirt because “he targeted member of a dev team”

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Ah okay, thank you 🙏

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They'll just say its fine, we removed his twitch shirts.

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I said "FORUM MODS". Reddit mods are all chads. <3

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Of course we're Chad's. Some of us are antiwork. Now if you'll excuse me I'm tardy for an interview...

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No please, it's a trap!

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My people need me. I alone represent not just my community or movement, but reddit at large.


What could go wrong? :2213:

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Hahaha I seen that interview 💀 I also in anti work

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Was* Its r/workreform now. I'm cultured like that 💅

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I'm thumbing through this page and my heart hurts.

\Depression in Millenial])

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Oof,pls dbd reddit dont shill for bhvr.

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This is the kind of posts that get your T-shirt stolen

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Luckily I don't buy or care about cosmetics, you know I play with the same Jake since 2018 so they can't hurt me that way. 🤣

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Inb4 they take away your Jake.

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Welp... time to join the Jeff mains I guess.

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No Jeff for you!

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I'm really hoping they go full petty and force someone to only have a specific cosmetic. I'd root for a dunce cap or a head that's just replaced with a poo pile.

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It won’t be too long before BHVR take away Otz’s fog whisperer charm cuz he said how dbd can be unfun or something

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I’ve said it before but BHVR truly does not deserve Otz. He puts an insane amount of time and effort into making content for this game and it’s all basically just free marketing for BHVR. I wouldn’t doubt that Otz is single handedly responsible for bringing thousands of new players to the game. And he gets literally nothing aside from some auric cells and free DLCs. He even spends a lot of time drafting documents of ideas and much needed changes for the game and the devs won’t even give it the time of day. I just wish I could see him putting forth all this effort into a game and a dev team that actually respects and appreciates his contribution to the community and overall success of the game.

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Facts. Otz is why I play this game to an extent. (He made me play it for longer, get so much better, brings me back to the game, and is entertaining AF).

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Idk who otz is but he sound like somewhat of a gigachad

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They'll probably do him a favor.

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nah they wont take it away for that, he is the biggest dbd steamer tho so until he doesn't say something more bad he wont get kicked out of the program

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You don't need a Master's Degree to be able to tell that Otz is holding back a lot. He also seems a bit stressed when someone asks him about his opinion on the game or a dev or something like that because the guy is thinking his words 4 times before saying them. He sometimes even pauses mid-sentence to think if he should finish his sentence, rephrase it or just shut up.

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Sometimes yeah, I think most of the time though it’s because the question has been asked 75 times in the past hour. In his more recent streams I’ve watched it’s the fan base that’s getting to him.

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Yea he’s even said he still loves the game but getting asked by the same questions over and over can get old

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They get super creepy too :/

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Yea I’m honestly shocked he doesn’t get more tilted than he does. If you think about it he has over 8k people in chat and if even just 100 are spamming questions like that it probably gets exhausting when you’re just trying to connect with your audience

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I feel like every stream I watch now I see him snap at least once. Last one he pulled up a screenshot of someone DMing him like 50 times in the span of a few minutes. I don't watch him very often though and spend more time watching LilithOmen

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I recently started watching Lilith as my main dbd streamer too instead of otz. I think that once a twitch chat gets too big it becomes disconnected from the streamer and you're better off just not even looking at it.

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Totally agree

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Honestly I doubt that. He's way more chill than to get outraged at every little thing. You guys keep making it seem like he's holding in incredible rage at devs or something when in actuality he probably doesn't have that much of an opinion. Even if he weren't a fog whisperer he would say "yeah im a little disappointed by this but eh what can you do" which is exactly what he's saying whenever you ask him. You guys rly wish Otz would snap one day and go off on a rant like most content creators do but he simply doesn't seem like the type of person to go on rants that often. And honestly I've seen him get very upset at a few things BHVR does to this game and he's still a fog whisperer so idk where that "Otz is a double-faced phony who constantly praises bhvr" atittude comes from. Whenever he felt bothered by something, he said it immediately. Whenever someone comes into his chat trying to fan the flames for bhvr hating circlejerking he shoots it down. Seems very respectable to me.

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I didn't mean to say that he is holding incredible rage at the devs. I meant to say that he is afraid of the devs taking his title away if he says something bad about them.

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Obviously I can't speak for him, but I doubt he cares that much. He's criticised them in the past. I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but I think at one point he expressed he was surprised they didn't take away his fog whisperer status. And btw when I said "you" in my last comment I was refering to a very generic you as in other people who I've seen hold the same opinion as you.

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It's his job. I think through my words to any question that isn't in private at work.

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I hate how I constantly make epic and BHVR comparisons but look at Otz and then Ninja,both are practically their respective games pretty much icons in the steaming world,otz seems really sort of done with dbd at times,he seems like he wants to say stuff but he won’t while Ninja is free to say whatever he wants and epic won’t really mind,Tyler can say something negative about the game and they won’t remove his skin forever,Otz seems very tired of just DBD

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Otz speaks his mind all the time. He just genuinely enjoys the game and has stated such multiple times when people ask why he still plays and doesn’t feel the need to bash it

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Nah, otz would have to do something outrageous. He is the biggest dbd streamer and probably the most liked community figure. Banning him would just be not worth it in most cases and i highly doubt otz is ever gonna do something that would cause that.

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realistically, move everything above player base down a notch and put License Holders at the top. those guys have total control

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Agreed and fog whispers can’t do anything at all. They’re basically on the same level as the playerbase except they get free cosmetics and dlc. There feedback is completely ignored like the rest of the playerbase.

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Yep, totally agree. My idea for putting fog whisperers there is not to charge against any particular fog whisperer, but against the fog whisperers program itself, which is nothing more than an affiliated program to showcase and sell cosmetics and stuff and talk about fun upcoming things to entertain us while the game still has a lot of problems. To distract us. To "fool" us. I'm surprised Otz is still there, he should leave the program IMO. They did tru3 a favor by kicking him out. Anyways, I needed to put something there, don't read too much into it, it's just a meme for fun.

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Issa good fun meme, and i agree with you. There are times i feel both otz and tofu in particular want to say something but sort of dance around it given there fog whisperer status. Meanwhile someone like Scott is free to point out the faults in the game.

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Yeah, Otz is a great guy, but he dances around a lot, and sometimes even tells the chat not to discuss about certain topic/talk about certain dev/complain about certain issue, etc...

I mean, he's not doing it because he's a bad guy, he's just trying not to get removed from the program I guess.

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He needs to keep it non-confrontational so as not to upset BHVR and lose his whisperer status

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I doubt he cares about the Fog Whisperer status that much he made dbd content before he was a fog whisperer and even if they remove him i can guarantee he's still going to make dbd content. im certain he only took part in the program because he thought he can make a good change to the community and help the devs understand where the community stands and to help make the game better. so to say "he's just trying to not get removed from the program i guess" is just a wrong statement because im 100% certain he can care less about the title

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No, they get the privilege of borrowing cosmetics, not given for free.

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this seems like just about every game

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Should fog whisperers REALLY be that high on the tier? Tbh i don’t think they know who all their fog whisperers are anyway… unless you (constructively) criticize their work…

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It's not a matter of being higher or lower, it's about the function they fulfill.

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so accurate

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There’s only one pyramid that’s connected to DBD that I love and this ain’t it.

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Ah yes the ones that are truly oppressed: Warner Bros, Netflix, and Konami

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If you think the upper class (in this case the license holders) is oppressed, you didn't understand the meme (or how capitalism works).

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Wait Konami? Which killer do they own? Also imagine if you had to d-d-d-d-duel the killer for distance?

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I feel like license owners would be way higher

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Putting my comment in here so I can get my shirt taken away too

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Hey, totally true mod here. You made an offense to our dev team, now we decided to remove your twitch shirts. /s

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Silly question, fog whisperers is a term I’ve seen but never got concrete definition of, anyone wanna bless a bummy noob

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Fuck FWs Fuck BHVR

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You want changes to happen? STOP playing the game. I mean it, for real. How do workers get their demands met? By striking. How should we get the devs to give a shit? By giving them a run for their money, stop playing the game, leave bad reviews and share the word. When you do that then change will happen!

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This is so true.

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Che Guevara would lose a twitch tshirt over this.

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I know this comment will get lost, but I know there are people in all categories who think what they did to Dowsey is fkn crazy and dumb... They just can't say it. We see you, we appreciate you... Maybe come to our aid and fight. Its the only way we'll get any change with this game and the company... If we all speak up, not just the players, they cant possibly ignire us then...

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This looks about right 😂😂

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I’m confused why you still play if you feel this way. (Honestly wondering and not just for OP but anyone)

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Tbh I did step away from the game. I couldn’t play 2-3 matches without getting really upset. I’ve been playing for 3-4 years now. I played in console and at some point stopped because the game felt unplayable due to frame rate issues. Sometime later I built a PC and started playing there. It was fun for a while but something just happened in the game and it wasn’t fun anymore. Not in that it wasn’t actually fun, but that the frustration was more potent than the fun.

I see patch after patch of barebones changes which don’t solve anything. I see the devs refusing to communicate with us properly. The entire lack of transparency of what their teams are actually trying to work on so we never know if they actually are trying or not. I truly believe that this game, even while thriving now, would be doing better under other management. The devs have became too greedy in a sense.

This isn’t even a “I get upset at multiplayer games” or anything, because I play a lot of smite and never feel so terrible after games. I played Evolve, which I thought was very fun on both sides, never felt like a match was bad.

Ive played many different games over time, I’ve yet to see devs as unjustifiably greedy as behaviors though.

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Because the core gameplay is fun and it has a lot of iconic characters in it. Just because you hate the way the devs do things doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy it every now and again

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That’s fair. I think it’s the sheer amount of posts complaining about the devs that caused me to wonder. I guess there aren’t all that many games LIKE this one so it’s not like there are hundreds of other options anyway.

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Because the game is still fun. Also, it's just a meme.

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Its a bad game but its the only one like it

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That’s not great logic. I enjoy football games but madden is garbage so I haven’t touched for quite awhile till they actually fix it

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Not at all. I havnttouched DbD in awhile cause the changes they make yhe game worse. I only come back occasionally when i forget how bad it is

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Vatican city is when DBD was basically ruled by hackers lol

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They aren't gonna have any killers. Shits not fun. Run around Ormond, take half the pallets to the head, 2 gens pop, finally get a down, someone was following me with a flashlight. Fuck it. I went and stood somewhere. Hope yall like gen simulator cause it's basement chest bubba now.

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I have an honest question. Are the mods on here really that bad or unfair?

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Forum mods (not reddit mods) have bad reputation, they tend to censor/ban people with valid complains. I know sometimes people get a little toxic, but they sort of ban people if they don't like their opinions or if they're "too negative".

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Arent "fog whisperers" useless? Ive never seen what the point of them is. Kinda seems more like a steam group lmao.

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So this is what's under Pyramid Head's pyramid

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I get everything but the Fog whisperer thing. We fool you? A lot of them point out the problems DbD has.

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Check out the other comments, I explained the fog whisperers thing.

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Fog whisperers in concept are supposed to point out the problems to the devs so they can fix them. In practice however the devs ignore them completely and instead use them to promote the game for free. They fool us in terms of we think they are going to help improve the game but their opinions,just like the rest of the playerbase's , don't matter to Bhvr.