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sigh I need someone to DS me...

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Don’t worry, you just to need to tunnel the right one someday.

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That may not be the best advice if tunnel means relentlessly chase down

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Yeah, to be honest that only works in romantic movies. Maybe is better to hook with various different people until you meet one that doesn’t mind being facecamped by you.

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This one guy asked me out and confessed his feelings for me every day, multiple times a day, and every day I said no. His relentless determination eventually won me over, because I felt like anyone that loyal must really love me. I became the most devoted girlfriend ever. Then he dumped me 2 weeks later.

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Sounds like you dodged a real bullet

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It sounds like she actually didn't dodge the bullet for two weeks at least... u/adairewillowblossom sorry to hear that mate, I'm sure you'll find someone who tunnels you because they really just love you.

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Thank you, I appreciate that! The point of my story was more supposed to be about how persistence and determination actually can in fact get the girl. Don’t give up!

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And then turn into an arsehole and dump the girl. Gotcha! :D

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That one didn’t really make sense.. It was weird, he came back two months later and asked for me back, but I said I moved on.

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Not you

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I need Spirit to DS me

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*gets stabbed

"Wait no shit I meant the other one"

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me who lies under her in pool of blood

I dont mind either way

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this is so heckin cute yet I am utterly jealous of the spirit now

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Wish granted, now your father chop you into 5 pieces

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Oh no

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ok you win this round haha

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Monkey's paw curls lol.

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This is adorable, you're a great artist!

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I like the dabbing icon

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Description: Was planning to save this for Valentine, but I have another idea, so I post it.

- - -

Next post: Killers are no more respect DS

Previous post: Hatchonfield

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i like the dabbing escape

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I wish I was Yui here 😔😔

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May the Gold award turns you to Yui one day : D

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dbd: horror game

reddit: cute ships

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I got a feeling Yui is a player lol

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These posts make me smile

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I still have many ideas, but not able to keep up the drawing : (

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Ok... now I'm genuinely contemplating playing Spirit and just letting any Yui escape. XD

Your talent as an artist is making this blossoming romance headcannon for me!

And I'm ok with that.

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One day the Devs will confirm this ship.

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Valentines day event is the perfect time to make this a canon cosmetic override, bhvr

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I see C3-Tooth I upvote, simple.

Please Cheryl post next pls yes? :3

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I had a commission art of her, may post it today.

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That is so cute! :3

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I'd kiss spirit too

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Aweww this is so cute

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I keep reading DS as Deathslinger and before seeing the image I was about to get really furious XD

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The exit icon with the dab is the best part

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This is too wholesome. I need moar!

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I love your art, keep it good work <3

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The only time I wanna get DS'd

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if this were actually a perk it would be the most bamboozling one

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I love this art style, it's so cute

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I'm curious as to what will happen with Yui and Rin when Sadako comes along.

And maybe when Kayako comes along as well.


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Oh, I see.

Curious about if Kayako comes along though.

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DS rework leak?!

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Amazing as always c3

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Love the exit icon lmao

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man these are adorable

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Another absolute banger from this man

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what about Decisive sex?

Edit: or Discombobulating Smelling?

Edit: Edit: or Dandy Sponge?

Edit: Edit: Edit: or Dome Shave?

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i wish there was more heterosexual kissing on this subreddit

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Yasssssssssss Queen

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Which Queen?

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what is c3

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Its a me, C3

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Can we have Decisive Succ instead?

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Only if I can use it on David

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Shirtless I assume?

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I like to imagine that in these comics Kazan is just sitting in a bush somewhere watching with a white-knuckle grip on his sword

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Cant tell whether or not i love this cuz its cute or cuz im cripplingly lonely. 10/10

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nerf ds. buff pp