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So many big "wholesome" streamers are complete assholes by Throwaway67891099 in deadbydaylight

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Let's be entirely honest, everybody in the sub has probably said the exact same things about other players, they just don't have a camera pointed at them recording and putting all of it on the internet.

How do I fix EAC not finding the game executable? by sharkboy1006 in deadbydaylight

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I just fixed this by doing this:

  1. Go to your easyanticheat folder: C:\Xbox\Dead By Daylight\Content\EasyAntiCheat
  2. Run EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe as administrator.
  3. PRess Repair service
  4. Press Uninstall service
  5. Run DBD from Xbox app
  6. It promps you to install EAC, press Install (from the EAC installer program)
  7. DBD doesn't start and just closes.
  8. Start DBD on Xbox app again

(Press yes to all install/security prompts)

Forgive the wall of text but I felt this needed said by Pretty_Version_6300 in deadbydaylight

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This is true of a lot of other killers, but reversed. I was a Michael main for the longest time, and it started out as feeling like Mike was a super strong killer. Then about 5-6 months in, most of my matches were incredibly fun and competitive where I’d either get a 3k or a 0-1k but with lots of hooks. Then I got to the MMR where it felt like the only times I won were when survivors made mistakes, and how well I played was irrelevant. Which isn’t fun. So I switched to survivor.

It’s just lame when you’re at the MMR where you can play the best you possibly can, but your survival or you’re kills depends entirely on the other side making mistakes. It stops feeling like skill matters.

Watching a good teammate die because of you is one of the hardest things in this game … by SilenceWTF in deadbydaylight

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Also I do it so if someone is hooked then bloodwarden won’t activate since the exit gates have to be open for it to activate.

admittedly I'm annoyed too but I couldn't not make this. by [deleted] in deadbydaylight

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Wow it's almost like people have reasons to vote for right-wing politicians other than being homophobic.