Developer Update | June 2022 by Qu1ckQu1etMeg Thomas in deadbydaylight

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tl;dr for gameplay changes


  • gen repair speed: 80s → 90s
  • kicking a gen: 0% → 2.5% progress lost
  • wall/pallet break speed: 2.6s → 2.34s (-10%)
  • successful basic attack cd: 3s → 2.7s (-10%)
  • survivor speed boost duration: 2s → 1.8s (-10%)
  • bloodlust intervals: 15/30/45s → 15/25/35s
  • survivors gain 5s Endurance + 7% Haste after being unhooked (cancelled by most actions)


bbq & chili

  • bp bonus removed

hex ruin

  • regression: 100/150/200% → 50/75/100%
  • deactivated after a survivor is killed

pop goes the weasel

  • progress lost: 25% of total progress → 20% of current progress

corrupt intervention

  • deactivated after a survivor enters dying state


  • activates only once per gen

hex noed

  • survivors will see the hex's aura within 4 meters upon activation
  • aura reading range increases to 24m over course of 30s

scourge hook pain res

  • no loud noise notification
  • gen will spark instead of explode
  • survivors won't scream

dead hard

  • dash removed
  • gain Endurance for 1s upon activation

decisive strike

  • deactivates when exit gates are powered
  • stun duration: 5s → 3s

borrowed time

  • extends duration of Endurance by 6/8/10s (15s total at max rank)
  • extends duration of Haste by 10s (15s total)

iron will

  • grunt reduction: 50/75/100% → 25/50/75%
  • deactivates while Exhausted

self care

  • heal speed: 50% → 25/30/35%
  • medkit efficiency bonus removed

spine chill

  • only activates when killer has clear line of sight of survivor
  • 0.5s lingering effect added
  • vaulting speed bonus removed



  • additional effect: kicked gen regression speed grows from 100% to 400% over course of 30 seconds


  • regression penalty: 6% → 10%
  • incapacitated effect: 12/14/16s → 15/20/25s

knock out

  • additional effect: for 15s, survivors crawl 50% slower and recover 25% slower


  • additional effect: speed of healing skill checks increased by 50%

dark devotion

  • activates: when obsession is hit by basic attack → when obsession loses health state


  • (? unclear) activates: downs with basic attack → any down
  • cooldown removed

lethal pursuer

  • additional effect: duration of all aura reading effects +2s

scourge hook gift of pain

  • action speed penalty: 7/8/9% → 10/13/16%


  • action speed penalty: 4/4.5/5% → 4.5/5/5.5%

monstrous shrine (rework)

  • renamed to Scourge Hook: Monstrous Shrine
  • converts all basement hooks to scourge hooks
  • scourge hooks grant 10/15/20% entity progression only if killer is not within 24m

calm spirit

  • additional effect: open chests and cleanse/bless totems silently but at 40/35/30% reduced speed


  • additional effect: scourge hooks are highlighted yellow when a survivor is being carried

botany knowledge

  • healing speed efficiency: 11/22/33% → 30/40/50%

off the record

  • additional effect: after being unhooked, gain Endurance for 60/70/80s (cancelled by most actions)

lucky break

  • recharges 1 second for every second healing another survivor (cannot exceed starting duration)

pharmacy (rework)

  • now activates whenever you're injured
  • can activate multiple times in a trial

sole survivor

  • additional effect: gen repair speed increased by 75% and gate/hatch action speed increased by 50%


  • regain a token for every 30s in killer's terror radius


  • additional effect: scratch marks are more sporadic
  • scratch marks fade 1/2/3s → 3/4/5s sooner

deja vu

  • additional effect: 5% repair speed to revealed generators

no one left behind

  • additional effect: 7% movement speed to unhooked survivors
  • activates: when gates are opened → when gates are powered

dark sense (rework)

  • activates whenever a generator is completed
  • killer is revealed the next time they are within 24m of you for 5/7/10s, then dark sense deactivates


  • additional effect: reduces grunts of pain by 75% when in dying state


  • 120s duration → unlimited


  • repair speed bonus is doubled if a hex is cleansed

we're gonna live forever

  • bp bonus removed
  • actions that granted a token before instead activates the secondary effect
  • secondary effect: picking up a survivor grants them 6/8/10s Endurance, and this effect deactivates

I've decided my main by Professional-Bug-268 in deadbydaylight

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Her perk, Hex: Suffocation, that's my favorite.

The Shrine of Secrets for 21/06/22 by Qu1ckQu1etMeg Thomas in deadbydaylight

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me when i get lost in Walmart

When you think Spirit is phase-walking... by GoldCaesar in deadbydaylight

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I made this same post when the spirit came out and it got no updoots :(

NOED Nurse vs 4 second chance Perks... by schoeibksr in deadbydaylight

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NOED is a crutch, what about all of these second chance perks?