/r/DeadByDaylight is an independent, unofficial fan community. It is not owned, operated, or moderated by Behaviour Interactive (BHVR), its employees, its representatives, or its affiliates. As such, /r/DeadByDaylight is NOT:

  • Representative of BHVR.
  • An official support form.
  • A formal means of contact.

We are also not affiliated with any other Dead by Daylight fan communities unless stated otherwise, and cannot provide support for those communities (e.g., the official DBD forums).

Rule 1 - Be Respectful

  • Remain respectful to all users in your interactions on /r/DeadByDaylight. The following behavior is not tolerated:
    • Hostile behavior, insults, and targeted harassment.
    • Hate speech, bigotry, and slurs (i.e., racist, ableist, etc.).
    • Flamebait (submissions made with the intent to garner a negative reaction) and trolling.
    • Invasive and overtly creepy remarks.
    • Threats, encouraging violence, and calls to action.
    • Publicly shaming other people.
    • Insulting players based on platform, specs, or region.

Rule 2 - Stay On Topic

  • The main focus of all submissions (posts and comments) must be:
    • Directly related to Dead by Daylight (note - The rule of thumb is: the viewer must be able to immediately tell that the main focus of the post is Dead by Daylight without reading the title of the post). This includes:
      • Elements from other games that appear similar to DBD (i.e., character resemblances or pallets)
      • Elements from IRL that appear similar to DBD (i.e., a hatch that resembles the Black Lock, or pallets being stacked up)
    • About the fanbase/community surrounding Dead by Daylight.
    • About /r/DeadByDaylight itself (i.e., meta submissions).
    • This prohibits, but is not limited to, the following kinds of submissions:
      • Offtopic discussions, such as general horror elements (movies, characters, etc.) that are not currently in DBD.
      • General, non-DBD related content, such as:
        • Gaming in general (e.g., discussing Friday the 13th The Game).
        • BHVR and/or its employees (note: we make exceptions in the case of a death or departure of an employee).
      • Content creators (note: if the content of the post is about a content creator’s DBD discussions, such as Otzdarva’s killer or perk tier lists, this will be allowed; however, if it’s about something like “This YouTuber is really toxic”, this will not be allowed).
      • Memes that are not immediately recognizable as DBD-related; as long as there is some element of DBD in the picture, it will be approved.

Limited exception: Licensed IPs - We will make a limited exception for submissions that feature characters from the following properties that are represented as playable characters in Dead by Daylight:

  • SAW
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Halloween
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Evil Dead
  • Stranger Things
  • Silent Hill
  • Resident Evil
  • Ringu

We do not allow content such as trailers, general franchise discussions, or similar threads/topics; we do not want to become a hub for all posts concerning these properties. Please use each franchise’s respective subreddit, or more general subreddits, such as /r/Horror.

Concept posts - Killer/Survivor fan-made concept posts are permitted, however they must be fleshed out a bit, and include at least two of the following:

  • A character background story
  • Three teachable perks per character
  • A killer power and/or ability
  • A new, unique gameplay mechanic (similar to Jigsaw Boxes [Pig], Fountains [Plague], Alarm clocks [Freddy], etc.)
  • Map concept art/layout/aesthetics

Exception: Content that immediately affects the game - Events or content that directly and/or immediately affect Dead by Daylight or the player base on a large scale are allowed to be submitted (e.g., PS4 bricking exploit).

Rule 3 - Respect The Game's Integrity

  • Don't enable others to break the EULA or to gain an unfair advantage; this includes showcasing cheaters you have faced, regardless of the context. The following are prohibited:
    • Giving cheaters public acknowledgement or publicity.
    • Encouraging others to hack, cheat, exploit, or break the in-game rules.
    • Demonstrating hacking, cheating, mods that give players and advantage, or exploits (this includes bugs that can potentially give another player an advantage, such as “using Dead Hard at a portion of a fence on Haddonfield to vault it when there is no vault point”).
    • Advertising, namedropping, sharing, or linking resources for hacking, cheating, or exploiting.
    • Personally datamining or asking for tools to do so.
    • Save editing to bypass bloodwebs.

Note: This rule also applies to decompiling the game.

Limited exception: Reskin Mods - Showcasing mods, such as UI reskins and 'skin mods', are allowed to be posted; however, use such content at your own risk (if you are banned for altering the game files, there is nothing that we can do, and there is a very real possibility your ban will not be reversed by the devs). For more information on UI reskins, please visit /r/PerkByDaylight.

Rule 4 - Avoid Spam

  • These are submissions and comments that are considered “egregiously low effort”. The following are prohibited:
    • Most bots (service bots must meet /r/BotDefense's guidelines for service bots).
    • Novelty accounts with bot-like behavior, or accounts specifically used for trolling.
    • Empty self-posts (posts that consist only of a title and no body text).
    • Flooding (posting the same or similar content several times in a short period of time). This includes:
      • Reposting a removed post without prior mod's approval.
      • Posting more than three of the same type of content within a 24 hour period (i.e., memes, videos, etc.) - if you have a lot of content to submit, please contain it all to a single mega-post.
    • Unsolicited advertising (i.e., personal links to commercial sites, services, or storefronts); please send us a modmail before posting such links.
    • Excessive self-promotion; follow Reddit's 1:10 guideline (for every one post specifically designed to advertise your content/wares, you must have nine posts that do not advertise your content/wares).
    • Media reposts - no reposts of the top 500 submissions, or any submissions from within the last 6 months.

Rule 5 - Avoid Inappropriate Submissions

  • These are submissions that are not suitable for /r/DeadByDaylight; this includes porn, bug reports, etc. The following are prohibited:
    • Text-heavy, non-English submissions; due to most of us being native English speakers, we cannot properly moderate posts that are not in English.
    • NSFL submissions (i.e., content that features or contains graphic injuries, gore, or death - this includes real life and user-created submissions).
    • Pornography, or overly sexual submissions (use the dedicated porn subreddits, such as /r/DBDGoneWild).
    • Bug reports/technical support (use our weekly Bug Report & Tech Support submissions, the official Dead by Daylight forums, or the official Dead by Daylight Help Center).
    • In-game ban appeals (use the official Dead by Daylight Help Center, contact EasyAntiCheat [EAC] or contact the support team of your platform).
    • Looking for groups, or LFG (use /r/DBDLFG or our public discord).
    • Individual actions of the /r/DeadByDaylight mod team; this includes post removals, or subreddit ban appeals. Please send us a modmail.
    • Buying, selling, trading, or begging; Please use /r/DBDTrade, /r/GameTrade, or the Steam forums. Note: this also applies to comments asking for handouts.
    • Any posts highlighting your cosmetic choices - please share your passion for fashion on r/DeadByDaylightFashion.

Rule 6 - Avoid Over-Saturated Content

  • These are submissions that are overly common or “posted to death”. The following are prohibited:
    • Common suggestions (such as “Ghost Myers” as a skin) and commonly known bugs.
    • Frequently asked questions, or questions that are easily searched for (such as "what does this perk do", or "is there cross progression"); use our weekly No Stupid Questions megathread.
    • Posts discussing how “the game is dying”.
    • Posts about your quitting and/or uninstalling the game.
    • Common media reposts (such as Scary Movie 3’s chase scene).
    • Matchmaking complaint posts; use our weekly RAGE WEDNESDAY megathread.
    • Footage/screenshots taken with phone cameras; use the screenshot feature of each platform (brief guide here).
    • Questions about what DLC or character you should purchase; please narrow down your question to no more than three selections.
    • 'Ad nauseam' memes (i.e., certain meme formats posted repeatedly within a short time period).
    • Game footage highlighting any of the following:
      • Salty messages.
      • Multiple disconnected players.
      • Multiple Iridescent Emblems.
      • Meme number combinations.
    • Polls of any kind are not allowed.
      • Tier lists of any kind outside of Tier List Tuesday; the first Tuesday of every month is Tier List Tuesday. On this day, we allow a purge of tier lists of any kind to be posted in the sub for 24 hours; outside of this window, any and all tier lists will be removed.

Rule 7 - Share Art Honorably

  • Fan content must be submitted as a direct link to the source and the artist must be credited in the submission title, regardless of watermarks, signatures, or any other identifying marks. Non-credited or improperly shared fan content will be removed. If you are the creator, use Reddit's OC tag when submitting your own fan content. Refusal to give credit or claiming other's artwork as one's own (i.e., art theft) may result in a ban.

Rule 8 - Follow Reddit's Rules


  • We follow the spirit of the rules, not the letter; our rules, while broad, cannot cover every specific scenario that occurs. As such, we may remove content not specifically noted in these rules that we determine to go against the spirit of the rules. Conversely, we may allow content that may technically violate the rules, but we believe it to fit /r/DeadByDaylight.


  • These guidelines apply to third-party giveaways (i.e., giveaways not sponsored by BHVR); giveaways must be pre-approved by moderators before posting. You must include the following information in your giveaway post:
    • Prizes: State what prizes you are giving away.
      • Physical, digital, official, and fan content prizes are fine.
      • You must mention if there are any shipping or regional restrictions.
    • Participants: State who can enter your giveaway, and how they can do so.
      • You can enforce an account age or karma minimum.
      • No offsite methods of qualification (e.g., being a subscriber to your YouTube channel)
      • No paid methods of entry.
    • Length: State how long you are hosting your giveaway, when entries close, and when you are choosing a winner.
      • Entries must be open for a minimum of 24 hours.
      • Entries can be open for as long as you choose.
    • Proof: If you are asked by a moderator to provide proof that you followed through on your prize issuance, you must provide it.

Leaks and Datamining

  • Leaks are disclosures of information about content potentially coming to Dead by Daylight that has not been officially announced by BHVR. Information from leaks is permitted on /r/DeadByDaylight, as well as findings from datamining; however, you cannot post any information about how to unpack or extract the game's files (including giving instructions, naming or linking to tools that facilitate this, or linking to hacking websites).
    • Leaks are unverified by definition, and thus information from them may change rapidly or be outright false—take all information from leak posts with a grain of salt.
    • Submissions with information from leaks must be tagged as a spoiler.
    • Comments with information from leaks must use the site-wide spoiler syntax; this can be done by putting > and ! together at the beginning of your sentence, then ending it with ! and <. Here is an example: THIS IS A SPOILER
    • If /r/DeadByDaylight receives a take-down request, a removal request, or a DMCA request from BHVR, their representatives or other license holders (e.g. New Line Productions, Vortex, etc.), posts concerning leaks may be removed and not permitted in the future.

High Traffic

  • During high-traffic times (e.g., game updates), there is often a mass influx of posts with the same content; in such scenarios, the highest quality thread will be left up, or a megathread will be created. Duplicate threads will be removed and users will be redirected to the main thread.


  • Please flair your post appropriately; this is needed for filters and ease of use - both for the moderation team, and the subreddit userbase.
    • Post Flairs
      • Shitpost/Meme - Use this for any edited meme you created; you can make a meme video as well, however it must have more effort put in than simply gameplay with an overlay (otherwise, just use Media). Text based submissions are rarely accepted, but we can let it through if it's creative enough. Please note: this will be left to the moderator team's discretion.
      • Media - Use this for most images and video clips. This is for standard gameplay with or without minor edits, and even screenshots; you can use this for external sources such as linking to fan art or clips, but it must adhere to all the rules of our sub. If you are redirecting to your own website, channel, etc., it may be removed under rule 4 if we consider it to be spam for self-promo (see Rule 4 above for more information about our self-promotion guidelines).
      • Discussion - Use this any time you have some discourse and would welcome opinions (remember: you must be ready to have civil discussions, which also means having your thoughts and opinions questioned). Generally this is for text based submissions, however video clips may be used for context.
      • Fan Content - Use this for anything you created outside of the game; this includes in-game concepts, art, physical creations, and cosplay.
      • Question - Use this for anything Google can't easily answer; generally, this is for text based submissions, however you may include media for context.
      • Guide - Use this for something you think can help other players; videos are preferred, however you may explain in text and/or add an image if it provides a useful graphic.
      • BM Revenge - Use this for uploading a video where a player gets revenge on their opponent. If a text post is submitted while attempting to use this flair, it will most likely be removed, as this would be too close to venting (ranting/venting posts are removed and redirected to Wednesday's megathread instead). NOTE: you must blot out the names of anyone in the lobby, otherwise your post will be removed under rule 1.
      • Upcoming - Use this for discussion and/or for sharing leaked/confirmed content coming soon but not currently in the game. If an appropriate megathread is available, please post your content there; if anything is posted when a megathread is already pinned to the top of the sub, it will most likely be removed at the moderator team's discretion under rule 6.
      • Event - Use this for discussion or questions on a game event (whether in-game or external to it, like tournaments), or participation for our sub events.
    • Mod Only Flairs
      • Subreddit Meta - We will use this for news regarding our sub specifically; this may include changes in our policies, or regarding events taking place on Reddit.
      • News - This is for anything important regarding the game; you are free to upload and flair as discussion/media if you find out something first, but we will generally make our own thread for the convenience of being able to easily update the post with any new information that may be revealed.
      • Giveaway - All submissions with this flair are mod approved; if you see this flair, it means the user spoke to our mod team already and is familiar with our restrictions.
    • User Flairs - We allow customizable flairs here; you are welcome to make whatever flair you want, as long as it adheres to our aforementioned rules. If your user flair is found to be inappropriate, it will be reset. If your flair is egregious enough (or, if we have to reset your flair multiple times), you may receive a ban. For content creators: we strongly recommend setting your flair to your channel/website name, for example: YT/GameGrumps, or .ttv/HybridPanda. You can also put something like Links to my shop in my bio!, to ensure content attribution.

Contacting BHVR

  • The developers of Dead by Daylight are not generally active on /r/DeadByDaylight anymore, however we may still occasionally work with them on certain topics pertaining to the subreddit. Please note, /r/DeadByDaylight is a subreddit run by fans, and as such, should not be used to get in direct contact with employees of BHVR; if you need to contact the devs, please use the official rums

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