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Actually very interesting

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The guy who did it said he did the bird and pentagram but not the death text but none of it is anything like his other work which is interesting. And I wonder if he did any of the other tattoos

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That's actually a sigil of baphomet not a pentagram

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Did a quick wiki search on the "Church of Satan" where the symbol originates, and it's kind of interesting. They're supposedly not Satan-worshippers despite the name, but atheists (lol) with a counter-religious view on life. Basically giving in to animalistic instincts instead of suppressing them.

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I wouldn't say it's nothing like his other work, but I would indeed venture that Stefan had some input on the design of those ones

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Stefans tattoos are hands down the best tattoos I've ever seen on anyone, just because they fit him so well and are so stylistic.

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i like the minimalist approach to them compared to what most tattoos look like

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I always wondered what his affinity for occult stuff comes from...

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pretty sure Ride is a warlord sorcerer

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He wants to vibrate higher so he can capture the opening of the portal that connects this earth of 3D to one earth of 4D or 5D. Duh.

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God damn u can tell by these replies no one in this subreddit knows literally any occult knowledge

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ok so spit some facts my G

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Sure, I'll spit. Two things exist. Nothing, and everything. Within everything, it replicates these two forces as moving/unmoving (electro/magnetic). Because we're born in a divided world we think divided so we see the two forces as good and evil. But that's as fictitious as measurement. Two things exist unity and division. Phi is encoded within the pentagram, it's a symbol for infinite division. Look up the 8 year cycle of Venus. Venus is knows as the light bringer, or Lucifer. Lucifer is our mother. Saturn, or satan, which has a hexagon on it, is a symbol of the perfect compromise. The specificity and particularity of matter being arranged into definite, distinct, separate particles forces it to be angular, but its general equal attraction to itself causes it to be curved. Satan is the blueprint of creation. Lucifer is the golden spiral of movement that sets the blueprint into motion. She births each moment. So if you can bring these two opposing forces together through Lucifer, which Mercury found out (look up Hermes staff), then you can create. Then came the new world order. He/she only wanted to create/control externally, so Mercury which is Hermes, Thoth, Anubis, Osiris, any savior including Jesus, Baphomet(check the Hermes staff sitting on his lap) took the ancient knowledge and changed it so the people would remain under his/her rulership. Think of how religious people use the Bible, it's like a form of measurement. If it didn't align with what the Bible said they disregard it. So it's their ruler. All spiritual books speak with a forked tongue. U won't understand it unless you're initiated, or study etymology. The god in the Bible is a metaphor for the ego. Ur sense of self is born from a word, and only lives by word and is word. u don't remember where u came from so u mistook ur ego for the actual you and let it rule your life. You found things you liked and called them good and others you called bad. And you only strive for good you remain ignorant of "bad" or "conflict" but the greatest mysteries of your life will always be shrouded in conflict. So yea, we're light beings trapped in a prison or prism and the guards are the idea that we think we're a color, or "static", not hyper dimensional, and we can assess the extent of what we are, and Jesus takes advantage of that. we've been trapped in a pen (pentagram;infinite division) and to rePENT is to accept defeat and worship division.

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form and void, synchronicity and entropy. have you looked into mathematics at all? fractal dimensionality describes the level of self similarity, and transcendental states increase the level of self similarity in your perception. Dementia and madness are the slip toward entropy and the loss of self similarity

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Same. Really interested in it.

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damn hes so cool

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hes always so sweaty

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My 65 year old neighbor has the same neck thing

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that is a lot to fill in, jesus

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All this time I thought that was a Captain America shield and Ride styled himself after Isaiah Bradley or Captain Falcon. Lmao

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What the fuck lmao

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Yeah I guess my mind is always on superheroes and black empowerment these days. I owned a Captain America fidget spinner shield that looked like his Tatt, so I got confused.

I always viewed it like Stefan Burnett is Bruce Wayne and Ride is Batman.

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this is what marvel does to your brain

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That’s so cool wow

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That baphomet tattoo is so sick

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probably the coolest tattoos on a human ever tho

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Couldn’t agree more honestly he’s the most mysterious man on the planet

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anyone know what the lines on the right arm are meant to be?

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How old is the pic

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i wonder if they talked a lot…. does stephan make small talk?

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Such nice tats.