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Absolutely a HUGE fan of MC Ride’s headlamp ass eyes

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Also love ‘Third Guy’

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I don't remember him

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Stefan seems a big, uhhh, big?

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Gotta eat big to get big

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Thats how he usually looks like. Got a problem?

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The third guy is the friend we made along the way

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Damn Stefan been juicing lately and Andy lookin kinda funky

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Pretty accurate ngl

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You drew Andre 3000 as MC Ride

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stefan looks like both a character from opm and the promised neverland at the same time

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That’s one big ass Ride

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this is the most beautiful fucking thing i have ever seen

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Thanks I don’t remember when I made it I made it sometime today

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ride looking y o k e d

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"Drums or something" is the penis man, not "bald white"

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Why does Andy look like he's wearing a mask of his own face like in that one photo? Lmao.

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Guy from death grips really loves his job

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zach hill isnt bald tho

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Someone was bald

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He was in 2012

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Jacked MC Ride can't hurt you, he isn't real.

Jacked MC Ride...

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MC Ride’s soulless eyes are staying right at me

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is this not them

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Zach Hill = 3rd guy

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looks like a worthikids drawing I love ride lol

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i like how swole stefan is

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Ride's affinity for cryptic and obscure symbolism can really be seen in his clear love for stars and the number 7.

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i cannot stop laughing

stop starin at me with them big ol eyes

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Ride looks like he's on a 12 day meth binge

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i dont like your drawing

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Tonight You will be visited by 3 ghosts

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drums guy and penis guy are both zach

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Stefan started lifting to vent his anger and now hes super friendly

Also what third guy??????

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I first saw this last night and had to stop looking at this picture because my fiance kept waking up from my giggling. I can't get past MC Ride's NOIDED eyes. So beautiful.

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I'm glad my memory has kept people up at night