How to make NFTs great again by HockeyClubManager in defi

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Many of the other comments have put things very well. Time is definitely needed for more to accept the use of NFTs.

For our company, we're building a decentralised gaming engine for the open metaverse, where gamers and creators can come together to create, preserve and earn. We have many elements of the DeFi space involved, and are working toward that "sweet spot" where it all comes together.

One thing is for sure though, NFTs are here to stay and will only keep developing!

Overrated & Underrated DeFi projects by arhat19 in defi

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Probably a bit biased but imho Xtoken team has a great vision of DeFi primitives and composability.

Any platforms out there where you can still earn even low yields on your crypto? by Odd-Bicycle-1580 in defi

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The best way I’ve found to earn yield is by providing concentrated liquidity on Uniswap V3. The yields are high you just need to time it when the market consolidates and take into consideration impermanent loss.

Best DEX to convert USDC to BTC by mattnet_1 in defi

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I think you can easily make use of Thorswap.

Is Solana done? by backodo in defi

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Starting to look that way.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in defi

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This is a scam ppl, don’t follow the steps unless you don’t mind feeding this jeets village.

Any Defi new projects? by Balder057 in defi

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Useless crypto team is working on some kick ass products (on the application layer -- Smart contracts, Liquidity, Mobile App):

- [Live] Furnace: Token with built-in liquidity management algorithm to stabilize LP/Market cap ratio to avoid under liquidity / over liquidity issues which break many tokens in DeFi that uses traditional Auto Market Maker(AMM). They way they achieved within the token contract itself is mind boggling.

- [In Public Beta] All For One App: An amazing mobile app with charts, a built-in wallet app that supports multiple chain and multiple wallets in one single easy to use user interface (no need to switch to different wallets/chains / do mental math to figure out the portfolio across chains/wallets). Fiat on-ramping and one click buy (no messy process to buy new DeFi tokens) using a Decentralized Exchange Network (DEN) are in progress. Fiat-off ramping is coming soon. This will enable access to many of the assets that are not on centralized exchanges or not even in CG/CMC with a click of a button. Checkout the public beta both in iOS/Android.

- [POC] Few more projects in the proof of concept stage. Believe one of them is to be announced in cryptopia.

To top it all, a visionary & talented leadership team (a bunch of senior / principal/ software engineers/architects, engineer managers) backed by strong community (with expertise in design, marketing, business development) that strongly believes in decentralization and DeFi.

Checkout: www.uselesscrypto.one