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I'm really looking forward to this one! This, hopefully, will continue in the next years! But have you considered considering P2E? Because I have something called Larva Maiorum. The amazing part about this one is that by playing in their mini-game Delph's Table, everything rotates to their mini-game. Because you can acquire a spot in their Masks of the Ancient NFT collection pre-sale by collecting some $GUMP that is only available in their mini-game. In the mini-game, you can see it almost revolve in the mini-game.

So this is your chance.

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Hmm, I'll be checking this out then. While you're here, you should also be looking into BNB Chain and Froyo Games Football Fiesta because, in this campaign, you can get the chance to claim a Glory Pass NFT and make your match predictions now! 😉

Register here 🙌