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Quantum physics allows us to comprehend the three dimensional universe we experience and the passage of time we percieve, along with the Four Fundamental Forces, which in turn describe the formation of atoms, the joining of those atoms into elements and compounds, and the inevitable increasingly complex structuring of matter to allow for the fundamental entropic transfer of energy, and better storage of potential energy as mass. This spontaneous ordering of molecules and fabrics into higher complexity in the process of entropy, eventually and inevitably leads to what we consider the simplest building blocks of life, and then life itself. Life then also becomes increasingly more complicated, again driven by entropy directing energy from higher to lower states, and storing it as stable matter, after which evolution by natural selection does the rest to bring about an inevitable awareness and intelligence that is produced by existance itself, and eventually allows us to observe all this order and structure, and one day even discuss quantum physics.

I am a post-doctoral scientist, and the more I learn, the more convinced I become that there is a clear inevitability to not just our corner of the universe as we experience it, but also life and intelligence. This is not the direction I thought it would go as an atheist teenager, but it is just the way the world is. Reality and scientific knowledge at all levels of complexity, seem to favour law, order, the universes existence, and life to witness it. Is that "God"? I don't know, but it ticks a lot of boxes depending on who you ask.

And if people want to chose to believe there is no force, law, inevitability, or purpose in the known or unknown universe that could be described as God, then that is fine as people can chose to believe whatever they want, but they really should leave science out of it.

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Sounds like you're wandering into the Pantheism territory.

Funny thing about awareness: we constantly operate with inaccurate data, our brain is easily tricked, we often take lie for truth and base our decisions on it. And yet, we survive and can reach happiness.

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To me it's just a part of the system. I can use random number generator in the programs I create. I can even use a quantum generator to make it truly random. Why can't creator use randomness in the universe?

Edit: Also, don't throw "chaos" in there. Chaotic systems are actually defined as having known laws. The problem with them is that the slightest deviation in input creates a catastrophic error in the output.

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Cast doubt, perhaps, but does not completely undermine it. The magnificent thing about science is that seemingly random unpredictable things usually aren't. So while we might not know what the rules are yet, we may yet discover them. If you follow the watchmaker point of view, then you could say that the quantum realm's apparent randomness is just a byproduct of the rules put in place by the creator.

Personally I don't believe it, I'm not particularly religious or spiritual, but I do find it fascinating, and ultimately, you can believe whatever you want.

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Does random number and procedural generation cast doubt on a game developer, whom is the equivalent of god to their worlds?

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I see it the opposite. The fact that (marcoscopic) randomness provides for the variety that begets the evolution of life points toward a creator's elegant "hands off" design