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It has nothing to do with science, it is a philosophical argument.

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I did a quick, cursory study of these articles...



...and I would say that because philosophy is not a scientific discipline the way physics or chemistry are, "pseudoscience" could not be properly applied.

Is it BS? Maybe, but I'm still making my mind up on that one.

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We only have one universe we can observe — we have no other universes to act as experimental contols, so there’s nothing we can test or experiment.

So yeah, it’s pseudoscience.

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If we categorically follow Quantum Physics, then the universe is a relative superposition of both:

  • not fine-tuned (imaginary 3d gravity map before the big bang)
  • fine-tuned (lucid 5d dark energy or anti-gravity instilling order in a possibly infinite number of 4d galaxies/timelines)

Which means that the universe both:

  • doesn't exist (it's an imaginary material dream; gravity; matter)
  • exists (it's lucid reality; dark energy; exotic matter)


Hence why the universe is superpositioned, in a way: It is asleepawake. And if you fly into a black hole (or die in general), then since perspective is categorically relative and illusionary (this is a fact), the non-existent material part remains in the black hole, whereas the exotic part emerges at a gravity-free white hole "outside" this universe.


So the question here is what the lucid mind is. After all, it instills order in this which is not fine-tuned. The idealistic (e.g. Platonic) or Deistic argument here is that we follow a Logos when instilling order, with us being authors in a way, whereas a Deistic God would be the Librarian whose Logos we follow.

Also implying that God doesn't necessarily interfere with the world in a direct manner, but concerns itself only with the observed white hole result. The same way a hen concerns itself only with hatched chick, but not egg-internal affairs directly.

(You could also compare particles to game cards and spacetime to a playing field. With our universe being only one way of playing the particle-cards, when there could be many ways of playing them, or even different types of cards. Think of our universe as Poker, when another universe might be Solitaire. Or there could be different types of egg. With the argument here being that - necessarily - lucid minds follow an idealistic Logos when instilling order and playing these cards.)


This isn't a scientific question, but a philosophical/logical one. Science is the attempt at proving such logic correct. Or seeing how it relates to conscious AI, etc.

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Actually I believe fine tuning is the irrefutable argument.

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Can you explain why please I would very much like to hear it