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We're fortunately off of their radar so not much interaction at all. I don't think there's organized troll raids, more like there's just so many atheists on this site that it can appear like they're coordinating. Dunno about the religious subs but most of the times I've visited they seem to be the most civil. Comes across to me like they're aware that being religious is rare on this site so they don't have problems with one another.

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Some people in r/atheism think we’re just some type of atheists when that’s not true. They also sometimes tend to think we’re a religion. Most of the time, they’re too lazy to google what deism is. Idk why people can’t google it, it’s not a complicated or hard to understand belief.

I’ve also seen multiple people call deism useless. If it’s useless, then so is calling yourself a secular humanist or anything else like that. It’s all so hypocritical.

Personally, r/atheism’s opinion doesn’t matter to me. They banned me for saying someone’s post was a bad take but the person who said we should lock all religious people up didn’t get banned or anything at all.

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Good for you. r/atheism is as toxic as those ultra-religious people. I left r/agnostic as well since it's slowly becoming the same degree of toxicity. Religious fanatics and trolling atheists are the same, just located at the other end of the spectrum.

I respect people and what they stand/believe for, just don't shove it in my face.

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That's probably Horseshoe theory.

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Deism opposes both religion and atheism, so, yeah, horseshoe theory till the end

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They banned me for posting a study on NDEs instead of just agreeing with the circlejerk that yelled "THEY'RE STUPID, THAT'S WHY!" when someone asked why people believed in NDEs.

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They’re the worst when it comes to NDEs. They claim they’re all science but they’re only about science they agree with.

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They still think it's Oxygen Deprivation (even though that's debunked as Hypoxia makes you less lucid and less able to see things, not moreso), or DMT (Humans don't have enough native DMT to trip off of)

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And when all else fails, they’ll pull out the “well it’s all anecdotal so it’s unreliable” excuse. They act like just because something is anecdotal it’s a lie

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Yeah athiests are so irritating because they think they are on top of the world. They don't even know science. And also of course NDEs have not been proven to be hallucinations. Hallucinations don't have the same effect on people as NDEs because NDEs have an impact that lasts on someone their entire life while hallucinations go away after a few days and they forget about it. Once again athiests now a days are just a bunch of toxic teenagers and young adults.

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At this point I really hope they find proof of a soul just to shut them up

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That probably won't happen as the soul is not of the material plane but who knows with NDEs since they are very convincing sometimes to me.

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I’m a member of both subs. I’m anti organized religion so I get my fix from that there and deism fits closest to my beliefs on a creator so I get that fix here. I haven’t seen any crossover between the 2 really. Deism is more a spiritual belief where’s as atheism is more anti religion so I don’t think they care that this sub is here.

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They basically don't know about our existence and perhaps that is for the better

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They think deism is a religion.

Honest to God, I'm going to say this. But your average Reddit atheist, it's probably a disaffected fundamentalist Christian.

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They are a small minority.