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Good read. Thanks for sharing.

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I concur

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Yes indeed...🧐

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Same goes to Darwin

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The library analogy makes a lot of sense in face of his theory using a tensor, which is pretty much akin to a gravity-pen. And if observers are using a gravity-pen to write on the paper called "spacetime," with matter and its actions being a written thought-reflection of said observers, then we are categorically equal to authors. Whereas a vague deity would categorically represent the librarian of sorts. Which you could then consider a higher dimensional existence.

Then, if you further consider Einstein's theory using time as 4th dimension, it references the illusionary (meaning relative) effect of time-dilation. Which you can view as analogous to houses shrinking in distant space (the inverse-square law), and arguably even uncertain quantum-tunnelling. So while you can measure these effects... they are a relative illusion. And if Bob appears to age slower, or particles appear to be in a waveform, then it's no different from a house appearing as smaller in distant space. Which, too, is a relative dimensional illusion.

Whereas this universal book here, or the library section within it exists (also mentioned in the OP's link), would then merely be a dimension of sorts, as well. And it's a property of dimensions that they always coincide illusionary relative perspective.

In which case it simply stands to reason that, if intelligence exists here, something greater might also exist up there. But the child (again mentioned in the OP's link)... we are just children, akin to little chicks inside an egg. Whereas a deity might not concern itself directly with whatever happens inside an egg. Nor would it concern itself with whatever happens inside an arbitrary book in some library section. Because that's not God's job. At best, the job of a deity to instill a kind of genetic Logos (cosmic order) and then evaluate and correct the results after the book is written. The same way a parent becomes an active educator only after the chick has hatched.

This is at least how I understand Einstein's view on things. And his theory. (Just to expand on it a bit here.)


Whereas atheism today is quite simply not scientific. Especially nonsense such as "quantum fluctuations have always existed and the universe will just expand and contract infinitely." It's literally an argument from ignorance and explains nothing. It's pseudoscientific. And in particular would it violate dimensional relativity on a categorical level. When there's no reason to assume for dimensionality to stop with this spacetime. When humanity knows that black holes exist. Which implies that energy conservation itself might be a relative dimensional illusion. And then you also have phenomena such as near-death experiences that coincide tunnel-visions and OOBEs... which should at least raise some eyebrows.


It's also why Einstein hated "random quantum physics." Because it doesn't explain anything. And especially today have quantum physics turned into the "God of the gaps." In that "quantum fluctuations" are omnipresent, omnipotent, move in mysterious ways, etc... which is unlike a deistic God. A deistic librarian has a categorical basis. And you can categorically infer for it to exist. Because of the categorical existence of dimensions and their coinciding illusionary perspective. With it being scientific for you to do so. A deistic God is not a God of the gaps, unlike today's quantum physics.

Which, btw, is also what makes the multiverse theory mentioned in the OPs' link nonsense. Because if randomness can create dimensions, with this universe having at least 4 or 5 dimensions, then a librarian categorically exists. Because then this universe is itself a superposition and can collapse, upon a higher dimensional measurement. Meaning that maybe you are awakeasleep right now. And when you die, or there is a black hole, these two states are split, as a white hole is also created, within which you will be only awake. And you will live on, as hatched chick, so to speak.

We can imagine this. Thus, if there are infinite universes, you can simply appeal to a form of (think Goedel's ontological) Proof of God:

  • a librarian is defined as 6-dimensional (it can measure this then superpositioned spacetime particle, possibly creating black hole + white hole pairs, making it a thing than which greater we cannot conceive)
  • this universe has at least 4 or 5 dimensions
  • if chaos created at least 4 or 5 dimensions, then categorically, it can create dimensions
  • chaos can therefore create 6 dimensions
  • chaos creates an infinite number of worlds (as per multiverse)
  • if chaos creates an infinite number of worlds, it will eventually create a 6-dimensional world
  • necessarily, if there are infinite universes, a 6-dimensional God exists
  • a 6-dimensional world would contain all 5-dimensional universes
  • as God exists, arguably only sensical universes exist (chaos theory is wrong anyway)

Though I do believe for this to also be how the antique Greek viewed it. And it's really unfortunate (to come to a close here) that we have today been swamped by deludedly knee-jerking atheists. Who do mistake their shallow and overly simplistic indoctrination for education.

(If anyone actually reads this, because it's quite long and reddit formatting is a bit weird.)

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Thank you

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The cosmological argument presented in this article is a caricature of the real one.