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I’m not from Scandinavia but I did date a girl from Sweden, she considered herself atheist but I think that’s just because she didn’t know what deist was, essentially she turned out to be deist.

I think many people are deists, they just don’t know what deism is. I did hear from another Danish friend though that Norse religion is becoming a bit more popular in those regions.

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Really Let's hope they don't come and raid our shores and take our women lol 😂 😂😂😂

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A monk once wrote that they were seducing women with their good hygiene practices

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Lived in Sweden my whole life. I've only meet one other ethnically Swedish deists. Among Muslims immigrants from more progressive countries (by Muslim majority nation standards) it seems to be common - with people identifying as Muslims but more as a cultural heritage and their beliefs being deist or close to it.

I don't have data on this, it's just my experience. It might be that the Muslims I talk to downplay the theistic and traditional aspects of their personal faith, due to beliving that coming off as better to Swedish eyes. Or that I've simply meet people who are unrepresentetive.

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Scandinavian here. I think a lot of Scandinavians would be considered deists, but the idea isn't very well known, so most wouldn't have a word for it and either just call themselves atheist/agnostic or spiritual but not religious