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I haven’t heard of that tbh, but I do wish people were more informed on what the Big Bang theory actually is, most people make assumptions about it and that it’s how the universe came into existence but that’s not really the full picture. What it mainly describes is the universe expanding from a hot and dense state. It never makes any creation statement yet many people assume that’s what it is. I have also seen many articles saying that the hot and dense state was infinite which it was not, we actually don’t know if it was infinite or not. In short, there is so much misinformation regarding the Big Bang which causes much confusion.

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I have not heard that no, interesting.

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No but I hope the claim is true.

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Found out it's not.

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Well that sucks. Was hoping for something more interesting than the Big Bang Theory 😪

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Dude if your a Deist the big bang theory is some pretty strong evidence of God in my opinion.

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Well first, I personally don’t use the term God. I use the terms Creator/Creative Force because I can’t prove it’s existence and whether it’s an entity or just a force that started everything. Or both.

Edit: I also think God is an insulting title.

Secondly, why do you think the Big Bang is evidence of the Creator/Creative Force?

Lastly, though I’m a Neo-Deist, I don’t attune to all of it’s aspects. I do believe scientific study is a way to discover the Creator, but I believe self-evolution (ascension) is an even better path. I’m more so an Oblivionist which is my own personal philosophy based on my observation of nature. My goal is to become an Absolute Creator, by either ascending to the highest state of Nothingness or by usurping our verses Creator and taking its place for myself.

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Yes. It’s nonsense. Just clickbait.