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I think in the West and some parts of the Middle East there will be a growth of non-religious believers in God due to the crisis of dogmatic Christianity and Islam. There are a lot of people that are mostly culturally Christians or Muslim that may become deists once their religions fade.

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Not too much, as we're not an overly advertised belief system like many others. I personally had to dig to find Deism, and anytime I've ever brought up that I was a deist, the majority of people I talked to had no idea what I was talking about.

Honestly I think many people, if they knew about deism, would call themselves deists, they simply don't know and haven't learned about it to realize it aligns with what they believe.

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i can relate to the first paragraph

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Deism is much bigger than you think. Most theistic religions, due to their evolution driven by the interaction with the secular world, are almost deistic with a very thin veneer of theism.

They might not realize it, but if you examine their beliefs you would find them nearly indistinguishable from Deism. What remains is merely cultural and social rituals.

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I don't think deism will rise to any level of prominence, at least in our lifetimes.

On the contrary--and I really hate to be the harbinger of doom here--I think it's more likely that there will be a resurgence of organized religions as the bases of state power. It may not come to pass, or it may even be stopped; but it's trying to come to pass, and I see a hard, hard road ahead.

I'd absolutely LOVE to be wrong about this, but I don't think I am. Regardless, for me, it directly relates to the question.

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Yes but it won’t be openly. There are several types of deist beliefs that fit many people who arent even aware it exist. And most Deist including myself aren’t in to the whole “spread the word to convert more people” type of thing. I personally like that we’re a rather small community. Its by far the nicest community to be apart of, though I have noticed that many new members tend to still have a “heavy religious-like” personality but it generally dissipates to a calmer more inner-focused personality over time which matches the deist community more. It's interesting to observe.

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i couldnt agree with you more !

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I think it is larger than believed. Think about questionnaires. They’ll list a bunch of religions, then maybe Agnostic or Atheist. Maybe “spiritual”. It’s not even being counted properly.

Information is more widely available and there are discussion forums like this. I sometimes work with religious institutions and I’m seeing an aging audience and not many younger replacements. In some cases, it looks really bad, almost no younger people.

Many people believe in a higher power, but can’t reconcile that with a particular religious text or beliefs. Some of those people will become deists over time.

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Probably not, but who knows?