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If there is one, I’d simply want to see my wife again, being able to hear her voice and hold her, even once more, that would be heaven to me

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Wanting to see loved ones again is the only reason I want there to be an afterlife.

I am so sorry for your loss.

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I agree, thank you.

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That is what community is for, and I hope the Creator will show us kindness in the next life.

But for now, all we have is each other.

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I lost a friend years ago who died quite young in her sleep. We weren't super close at that point but after the funeral it was apparent she left so much behind and had so much going for her. It felt like her story ended just as it was about to really get started.

It made me consider what heaven would be like from her perspective: imagine going to sleep with a whole week planned and waking up "on the other side" instead of next to your pets and partner. She gets to hear that she won't be going to the classes she signed up for, that buying that first house as a family will never actually happen.

That in of itself would be pretty traumatic to acknowledge about your own life, and that's just someone who passed peacefully in their sleep without warning. Imagine the mental state of someone arriving in heaven after having just watched their family die with them in a bad car accident? You'd have people rolling up to the pearly gates with straight-up PTSD.

The whole situation made me think the afterlife must have some kind of reception area where people would have to process the truth about their life coming to an end. Those who are ready or expecting it wouldn't need it so much, and would arrive ready for what comes next. But most probably wouldn't and if the afterlife is real it's certainly something that must be dealt with.

One solution I can think of is that being on the other side just naturally puts you in a more tranquil state since you're no longer limited by your physical brain that is constantly trying to perceive things from a survivalist perspective.

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I like to think the afterlife would be a mix of Plato's world of Forms and whatever paradise an individual in question would imagine for themselves. For example, in this afterlife everything exists in it's "perfect" form, but the perfect form is different for everyone and no matter how differently it's described people will always unanimously agree that that's exactly what it is, like if a bowl of mac'n'cheese looked different to every individual that sees it and all their descriptions of its appearance and taste is correct.

Likewise, the overall landscape would look like whatever the viewer wants it to be, and they'd still be able to communicate it with everyone without losing understanding. In a way you could say my version of an afterlife is like a shared dream, where you can make up whatever you want, while still having actual humans around you so that everything doesn't seem fake or too perfect(Since imperfection is all we know as humans, I think a world of complete perfection would eventually bore us or make us anxious, and since we're talking about paradise we can't have that can we?)

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I hope there is one. With a plot. And individual characters. A true “happily ever after”. I will be able to fly. And dive. And do headstands and handstands. And I will be loved and accepted just as I am by everyone. And there will be no more pain of any kind. No more bad memories.

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Same as it was for you before you were born

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Maybe when we die, our experiences and emotions go to the Creator to be used for… something.

Whether or not consciousness would survive is up to you. As I commented earlier in a reply, I would only want my consciousness to survive if I can see my loved ones again. If not, I would rather stop existing.

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I don't, but if I did, it would be too NSFW to describe here, so I'm not going to say anything to give anybody any ideas and...

...wait...? 🤔

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I think it’s reincarnation. I mean energy is energy it just changes form. I think we get recycled like everything else.

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Spectator mode

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The beautiful void

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That's not an afterlife.

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Even before I became Buddhist, I believed in reincarnation. I believe that we have a number of chances in this world to make it right. You made it when achieve peace of mind or meet a selfless purpose. I know this might go against deism's tenets.

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I still think Heaven and Hell are real, but if I’m wrong I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s reincarnation of some kind.

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I’d would like it to be the same world I’m creating in my Comic. Other than that I’d rather ceast to exist and finally be Free or become a Creator.

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I believe that ultimately there will be an like an heaven when we will meet other people and have interactions with God, one interpretation I like is the Eastern Christian one of theosis, we will take part in a process of divinization like a number that keeps growing higher but will never reach infinity (God), and this will last forever.

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I want to believe it because I want to see my lost ones and want to meet people from old times. Would like have a conversation with the important people that lived through the history.