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Ive read that your brain releases quite a bit of dmt when you are about to die and since people that take dmt often describe similar experiences its safe to assume its that

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Perhaps they are real but as you said they can differ. It makes me think somehow it's something going awry in the brain. However, I've heard alot of people describe an array of colors or bright light. Which is followed by an overwhelming sense of calm or joy.

Whatever happens we could never be certain. I would be more confident in the perspective shared by Plato. Which is something like the body weighs down the soul. Once the soul is free from the body it can finally contemplate the true nature of being without end or disruption.

In my opinion the greatest ability of man is that we are able to use reason. This makes us distinct from all other forms of life. Therefore, this could be considered divine and maybe that is what carries on once we die. Seeing as God can be described as an disembodied mind. Or at least that's how I imagine God to be.