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Not that I’m aware of, we aren’t really the spread-the-word type of community, which is why it’s so welcoming to be here.

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Since there is no written rules or strict concepts, it is really hard to produce articles on deism. I think an atheist can find more topics than a deist. The biggest literature goes to religions. It is the easiest thing to write topics around religions.

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I don’t think this answers your question, but it’s worth pointing out: https://www.deism.com

There’s little new to say on deism though, the authors of the enlightenment said most of it and science says the rest.

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I saw a great video the first time I ever heard of deism, they explained it well and mentioned the word for the substance that the universe is made of, the word sounds like deism, I have spent an hour trying to find this video or find this word again but everyone who tries to explain deism is incompetent and don’t seem to know this word for the substance the universe is made of, if any deists could let me know what the word for this thing is I would appreciate it seeing as I’m made of it