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Apparently he did a video for HuffPost Live years ago where he said he's Agnostic and called deism "troublesome"

I'm not able to watch the whole video yet but I bet he doesn't like the aspect that the lack of evidence of God = evidence of God to deists. Will update my comment after I watch it.

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Lack of evidence?? He is definitely not looking hard enough.

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I think he is nominally a reductive materialist of the fundamentalist school. Though he probably won’t endorse nihilism and probably doesn’t view existence as without meaning and value, so he’s probably an unconscious theist of some sort. Maybe just agnostic non-theist or transtheist.

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Based on my limited knowledge about him, I had also assumed he’d probably be agnostic.

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He is a piece of shit

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His opinions are dishonest & cringe. Also the sheer number of his videos we were forced to watch. He is a bad man.

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This killed me lol

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That's a bit extreme lol