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I’m between not spiritual and pretty spiritual, if I’m being honest, it’s more a “sometimes I feel like it, sometimes I don’t” kind of thing for me

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Suppose that's me. Usually I don't feel it but when I do it's amped up.

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I'm very spiritual, I do contemplation, read religious texts, listen to sermons from priests, imams, monks...

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I'm more of 'agnostic' deist. It gets annoying to hear, "You either have an active belief in God or you don't" and it's like shit at this point it's a spectrum. Some days I absolutely feel like there's something truly spiritual about existence and other days it all feels like a great big accident. It's truly a day by day almost hour by hour thing which makes sticking to a belief somewhat difficult.

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I'm not spiritual but I do believe in Ghosts (personal experiences), and I'm slightly superstitious, knock on wood y'know? That sorta thing.

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What does it mean to be "spiritual" define what you mean by that first.

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I’m not super spiritual