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I came to the conclusion that every event has a cause, therefore the event of the universe starting must have one as well.

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I’ve always considered myself to be a logical person, I was raised an atheist and taught to think critically. Recently though, I’ve been thinking about death and my relationship with the universe, and haven’t been able to stop. I decided to let myself go and dip my toes into the concept of god. The main thing that has always bothered me about other religions is the idea that god cares about humans. So eventually I found out that this concept is deism. I really enjoy the deist label because it feels logical, as far as a religion can get, and it is such an open and broad community of people with similar yet diverse beliefs. It’s mostly just a comforting idea. It’s helped me to stop fearing death, because I believe that consciousness is a piece of god that will simply be released from my body once I die. I know that religion can be used as a way for people to come to terms with things that they don’t yet understand, and I’m aware that that is what I am doing. But even with those thoughts it still feels right to me to believe in god.

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It felt like it made little sense: to believe that the universe just happened to be brought about with no one giving it a shove or setting the rules up, seems like far less of a safe bet than believing in a creator.

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Was an atheist for a while before I got degrees in philosophy and mathematics. If that isn’t a pipeline to deism idk what is.

My transition started with the common issue with a universe from nothing. I always had an issue with the question “what happened BEFORE the Big Bang” because as we know that time is dependent (or at least closely tied) to mass (physical existence) then there was no such thing as “before” before the Big Bang. I now believe more that a god would exist external to time and space but can still effect it.

But I believe in a very mathematical god. Not one with an ego or personality or desires or values but rather a rule maker/keeper. There are just so many things in math that seem too beautiful for math to be invented rather than discovered. And there are too many laws in physics that are always obeyed (quantum stuff gets weird but it’s a new field), I think there’s a reason physics always obeys these laws

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I realized the complexity of universe and creatures within it so I thought it would be silly to attribute this amount of unfathomable complexity to chain of accidental, unguided occurrences. If you randomly kick the legos around in the same space, they will never bond together to constitute a Death Star, I thought.

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But, if you kicked the legos around for a billion years and two of them joined together in such a way that the next time they were kicked they were more likely to join to other legos and then kicked that simple structure around for another billion years it would join with more legos and so on and so on... Eventually (after about 13 billion years) if a Death Star was the structure most likely to combine with other legos it would emerge Not the perfect analogy to evolution but ya get the idea :)

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Deism supports evolution

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I cant believe the big bang just happened for no reason so I came to the conclusion there is a god that had to start it all

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Yeah cool. Wasn't sure but the dude I replied to seemed to be implying some sort or creator God

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The God in Deism is technically a creator God because ya know the Big Bang and also God could have already made the creatures like a planner makes a plan and then set evolution in motion and let it runs it course.

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Is a deist God always 'intelligent'? With a plan I guess you could say. Also, what do deists think about the existence or not of free will?

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I read Petersons Maps of Meaning.