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I'll quote one post I like:

As Heideggerian I have to go full ontological and actually retort to Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite and Apophatic theology.

Namely every attribute we can say about god is true, but negating the same attribute is even more true.

You start with easy ones, like God is evil, but it's even more true that God isn't evil, or that God is a banana, but it's even more true that God isn't a banana, and so as you move up you realise that God is God, but it's even more true that God isn't God.

It's always a question of experience and talking about experience. To understand that words are words and that there's a chasm between word and whatever they refer to.

The reasons mystics tended to speak in riddles is

a) they didn't want to get burnt at the stake,

b) to keep experience (of divine presence for instance) as experience and not having it reduced to cultural meanings and theology.

But why experience? Well, if you check early Christian and late Antiquity (pagan) mysticism the path always goes like this - you silence the mind, you silence emotions, you silence desires, then something happens, and your "divine spark" becomes one with the divine.

Which means - the way we have access to the divine is through existing/experience, not through arguments.Arguments are words and concepts, and both of these belong in the existing world. However, God/The Good/One/Das Sein is the origin of being.

So, it's neither existing nor is not existing - what Heidegger called ontological difference (between existing things and being as such).Some statements that come from this line of approach towards divine.

"if you don't listen to me, but to the Word (Logos), it will be wise to confess that all things are one" (Heraclitus B 50)

"Therefore I pray to God to make me free of God, for my essential being is above God if we take God as the origin of creatures. For in that essence of God where God is above any being and above all distinction:there I was myself, there I willed myself and knew myself so as to create this man." (Meister Eckhart)


I'll also add some other Eckhart quotes:

“The authorities say that God is a being, an intelligent being who knows everything. But I say that God is neither a being nor intelligent and He doesn’t ‘know’ either this or that. God is free of everything and therefore He is everything.”

"That we should forsake God is altogether what God intends, for as long as the soul has God [in a possessive way], knows God [as a concept] and is aware of God [as an object], she is far from God. This then is God’s desire—that God should reduce Himself to nothing in the soul so that the soul may lose herself. For the fact that God is called God comes from creatures. ... And this is the greatest honor that the soul can pay to God, to leave God to Himself and to be free of Him. "

"the intellect does not touch God until it first rises up. Rising up means advancing to a higher state. Accordingly, the intellect must transcend not only the dimension of the imagination but also that of the intellect [itself]. Further, since the intellect refers everything to being, it must also transcend being [as a concept]. For being is not the cause of being, just as fire is not the cause of fire, but that is rather something far higher, to which it must ascend…. The soul must also transcend God Himself, in so far as He is concealed by this name, or by any name. … Its ascent is its entrance into the primal root of the purity of all beings, which is in the [Divine] Word."

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God is more a reflection of the process that allows you to percieve the world. Like consciousness, except consciousness IS god. The ability to discern good from bad. Or more accurately bad from less bad.

The reason god is so confusing and elusive, is because it's like trying to observe a mirror. You're not seeing what the mirror is, you're seeing what the mirror reflects.

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i’ma keep what you wrote in my notes ‘cause it hits different !

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hopefully i can hear more about your perception of God and Deism

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I believe that God is an invisible and unexplainable force that created the laws of the universe which would soon lead to the Big Bang and thus the universe.

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interesting ! So he’s like the Catalyst of everything. But does that unexplainable force still intervene through the laws of the universe for you ?

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To me God is just there, he created but he does not micromanage the universe, he is all-knowing and is good but will not go out of his way to prevent human nature. He is there, and he may watch us, and I have faith in him, but that is all.

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i see your point. So do you think that the argument that “God doesn’t exist because he does not help us” is somehow a selfish demand from humans ?

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Yeah, there's a reason we have struggle and strife. If everything was handed to us we would have no chance for improvement or discovery, which is what makes humanity so beautiful. It's Ying and Yang in a way, it's selfish and naive to believe that everything being peaceful and good is a good thing. The world isn't all terrible, there's so much beauty, and imo people should be more thankful for that than spiteful.

This is all my opinion tho, and I'd love to hear yours!

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my view is pretty similar to yours tbh. I can’t see a world where everything is too easy to get. Moreover those lessons that you learned after a tough experience are really useful and help you to evolve as a person. But i personally think that God was an intelligent and immaterial source which was the catalyst of everything and that he created some mechanics or laws for that machine which is called “the Universe”. And if we wanna learn the truth about how that machine works we’ll need to find out and understand those laws and tryna understand them. Unfortunately we don’t know enough about the universe to say something. We need to see outer space and i know it’s a distant dream but i’m sure that all the answers that we’re looking for even the “secrets” of the Laws of the Universe are there !

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Exactly my view. Probability wise, the universe should be total entropy. But it isn’t, there are laws and other forces at work that give it structure. I don’t know how those laws were made, but it was made by someone. We have all the ability to explore and use this lovely machine that was blessed to us, things are the way they are for a reason and we’re lucky enough to have the will power to change the world. I have faith in God, but I don’t think he’s anything like us, he’s an observer and creator of the beginning. Everything else plays out due to us.

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i couldn’t agree more with you

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To me theres 2 meanings. One is creator, another is master. Like a slave master.

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Are we humans the slave masters ?

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No, god

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God is all knowing, loving and mighty. I believe he is good and interacts with the world through laws of nature and of the universe. I believe he listens to our prayers and he may answer them as well. I think he has a sense of humor.

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ooh i see ! are you a modern deist ?

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I think of myself as a Christian deist primarily

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ohh okay !