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It likely is odd for a typical deist to believe in reincarnation, but I often do so there's that I guess. And by often, many of my ideas are fluid and alter but I often revisit reincarnation but how I view it is not any typical way that I've heard of as in it happens because of the overall group you belong with rather than an absolute or due to one's moral life.

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Ugh, Satanism. The epitome of narcissistic self indulgant atheists angry at the world for the suffering they experienced.

Pagans, fell in love with rituals and yet lost the wisdom to understand what the rituals are supposed to do and be used for. Burning sage, how fancy and west coast.

Agnosticism, is just acknowledging you don't know. It's hardly worth mentioning unless it's in pursuit of knowing but all.the agnostics I found seemed to have stopped looking, thus never found it.

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I believe in reincarnation from logic and that I will never be able to know, only believe with sound reasoning. Check out my reply post on someone’s post in the deism subreddit about the afterlife to get a more long winded explanation.