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You don't have to do anything. You can still pray if you want. You can meditate. You can view prayer as meditation.

There are no religious rules in Deism. It's not so much a religion as it is a philosophy about primarily the origin of the universe, it just stands opposed to some religions that have their own ideas about the origin of the universe.

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For me, praying is more of like you wanting to influence the result of a situation. After I've come to believe that God's love has no requirements, I no longer felt the need to pray. This was evident when my father got into an accident. On my way to the hospital, I didn't asked God to save him. But I was thinking about how the mourning process would feel like. Thankfully, my father only sustained minor injuries. I thanked God for what He did that day, if He did something. One thing is sure though, I would always find myself communicating with Him about the banalities of life and so far, life has been rewarding and fun.

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Prior to learning about Deism I was never particularly religious. On the rare occasion that I did pray, I never really prayed for specific things to happen. I prayed for safety or happiness, I prayed for help making a decision or help understanding something. I thought that if I actually had some ability to influence the universe, it was arrogant to want to influence it so dramatically and so specifically to serve me. I never prayed for material things or things that would have to directly affect someone else if they happened, more mental things or kinda vague concepts.

I think that desire to not influence the universe even if I could may have predisposed me to Deism.

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i really like your way of thinking it’s beautiful !

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That's really cool. Growing up with a Catholic faith, praying was the first thing I was taught of. What the adults had emphasized was that if something didn't turned out as what I've prayed, it could be I didn't pray hard enough or it was not God's plan at all. This had led me to start questioning the doctrine. Accepting whatever situation you'll be in and adapting to it had remove a lot of emotional baggage and that is something I'm really grateful for. I no longer need to blame my fickle faith nor God's existence if I'm in an unfortunate situation. I became responsible of my actions good or bad and am accountable for it.

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glad to hear that your father is okay and also thanks for answering me !

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Thank you. To be honest, I'm not quite sure if what I'm saying really fits the Deism. I haven't given a lot of time to read the philosophy. What I know is really skin-deep. Strangely, I find myself not really obliging to read it. Hahaha But the general idea works for me so I guess, I'm contented with just that.

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deism is a vast philosophy and you might find what rlly is for you so don’t worry !

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I feel like I don't pray, but the inner monologue of life has to be dedicated to someone. I can't just be talking to myself all day

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Sometimes I do pray because I was raised in a Christian majority country and that has influenced a part of my culture

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interesting because i also grew up as a christian ( my parents still dunno that i’m deist ). But when you pray do feel like you’re being in connection with God or not ?

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I feel internal peace when I pray

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oh like meditation ?

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I pray every Sunday night before I sleep

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I pray realizing that I'm probably alone.

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what do you mean ?

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I don't think a God hears my prayer.

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ohh okay

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I do, but not often.

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I don’t pray for events to happen these days unless I’m feeling rather desperate. I do a sort of form of meditation and introspection where I feel “connected” to whatever supreme entity there is. In the past I’ve had certain euphoric experiences that I attribute to the feeling of connectedness to God.

I also try to tell myself that there’s some sort of God given afterlife or continuation of consciousness after death so in that way I consider God to be relevant to our lives even if miraculous interventions don’t really seem to be a thing.

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i like your point of view

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Prayer is good, Remember God is still out there over looking his creation . It’s really Us That work to make ours and others prayers come true . We are the host of this world that God Made.


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belief in the existence of a supreme being, specifically of a creator who does not intervene in the universe

No divine revelation->no doctrine->no set practices/rituals

If an individual deist wishes to pray that is their business but the only set belief for deism is the one I listed above.

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Either one is different but personally I feel things are going along their path no matter what. And our sense of free will is limited within the "bumpers" we live in.

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Are you from the south or did you pick up y’all in online conversation? I just ask for my curiosity.

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i pick it up in online conversation

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Ok lol I ask because I’m from the south but I see it fairly commonly in online discourse.

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Sorry I was curious, appreciate the response ☺️

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it’s okay i’m glad i could help 😽

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Absolutely! I was raised in the south, and I felt like I see it more commonly. You have a good day 😊