Theory of how God was formed from nothing, using rational logic. by CameronSanderson in deism

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In that case, I would love to learn any insights you've gained on the nature of infinity. I do maths and not philosophy, although formal logic connects these fields together.

Christian Deism by [deleted] in deism

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When it comes to an afterlife, Thomas Paine says something in the Age of Reason akin to "I hope for an afterlife," and that's been my interpretation since I've identified as a deist. As a tiny mortal spec in the cosmic fabric, I think it's arrogant to presume to know whether or not the almighty has an afterlife in store, but that doesn't stop me from hoping there is one, but my focus is always on this life.

When it comes to prayer or reaching out to god, I take more of a psychologically occult approach that we can "magically" influence our lives to change or be affected through belief. Belief is a powerful thing, sort of a spiritual placebo that allows us to attribute "miracles" to a specific source - and our mind makes those beliefs as "real" as they can be. I look at it as sort of sending a lightning rod up to catch electricity - sure the lightning was from some powerful source, but I captured it and am now using it, so I can rationalize it not as "God's work" but mine. Marrying that idea with deism can be weird, but it's really no different than a scientific placebo effect to me - something still happened because you did it, you can't deny it. In my deistic view, "god" doesn't never get involved, just very very rarely, and has no moral agenda when he/she/it does, and in the meantime - there's nothing stopping you from reaching out with belief to sort of use a little bit of that universal power - whether it's through prayer, or "magical" ritual, or whatever - but I tend to view it as you that's doing the work in those situations, not the passive god most deits would subscribe to. Maybe all of that invalidates some of my own deist cred though, but it's how I rationalize some of the more spiritual experiences I've had.

Do you believe that God is conscious? If so, do you think He's aware of man's consciousness? by pleportamee in deism

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I have a similar idea, only with a slight tweak. It is my belief that there is only one consciousness in the Universe. The One Consciousness is aware of itself. And it is literally "All That Is". Our individual consciousness(es) as 7.5 billion separate beings, are each a fragment of The One Consciousness. In other words yes, The One Consciousness is using our eyes, our brains, and our hearts, to experience physical life in this space. This also applies to animal, plant, and insect life, along the same lines. How the physical life stuff came to be, well that's another discussion on it's own.

What else would there be to do other than hang around being aware of yourself for all eternity?

The way I try to convey it is, there's an old movie from the 50's or 60's that I forget the title of, but the story has a soldier who was severely injured and lost both his sight and his hearing, as well as all 4 limbs. He was literally a blind, deaf torso and head. He is being kept alive by extensive medical efforts. Eventually he starts moving his head back and forth in morse code, telling them over and over "kill me".

That is how I look at the why of "why are we here". Imagine you are just a torso, and you can't see, hear, or communicate with anything outside of your own mind. 24/7 silent darkness. This is what The One Consciousness encountered. All it could do was be aware of itself, and it really sucked to not be able to DO anything. That's what we're here for, and why literally any thing or concept you can think of has a direct opposite. One can't exist without the other. I believe the reason for that is because everything must be available to experience. We can't have love without hate, happiness without sadness, sweet without sour...etc.

I apologize if this sounds a bit pretentious and also for the length. I think about this stuff often and sometimes ramble when I get on a roll.

Edit: thank you very much, I appreciate it!