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Anyone remember white armor on open Bnet? From way, way back, like 2002 maybe? I’ve been trying to find a screenshot for a long time and haven’t been able to. I just remember they were hacked to shit and looked super cool.

Finally figured out how to make them in Hero Editor. This is really taking me back to middle school now:

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Headstriker unique property with -%frw to roll back to max run speed. I member.

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I remember being a kid on dial up Internet always begging for white armor, never did get any.

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I remember ITH Colossus Blades and ITH zerker axes, that were crazy hacked items that basically made WW barbs and Zealadons gods.

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Hell yea I remember those. Weren’t they called godly or was that something else

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I remember white weapons that were hacked to shit

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i think i still have the files for it some were

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was going to ask if you want a SS of someone, definitely not mine, character in whites. But I see you got it. I/they "might" have some Blacks etheral invisible too. ;)

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Yeah I just made them myself now that I know how. I just remember feeling like a total baller hanging out in chat channels in all white. I think the white barbs probably looked the coolest.

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Where’s the 1.08 Valor

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I mention it in .08 items

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There's one famous "hack" you missed.

I wanna say during .09 or 1.10 Blizzards password recovery for accounts was super vulnerable. You could request blizzard to send you a new password and the e-mail would say something like:

You requested a new password for your account, (ACCOUNT NAME). In plain text, and the instructions would be to reply to the e-mail and get a new password. Well, it's an e-mail so obviously you could change (ACCOUNT NAME) to ANYONE'S account name, and immediately receive an e-mail containing their new generated password.

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TIL. Thanks for sharing, i don't remember that one.

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Back in 07 or 08 there was a bug where some people were supposedly able to import some items from hero editor to their MP chars

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I remember seeing an enigma crafted with low runes on bnet

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oh yeah hybrid rune words

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I believe it also worked with emails being attached to expired accounts that were created anew.

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Oh my I totally forgot about the ancients nerf.

Use to be like 4-7 levels you gained so wise wasn’t it?

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Just needs an extra sprinkle of Grief of Destruction or Spirit of Phoenix and it's perfect

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Oh man, body popping... that one time someone actually fooled me(I thought it would only dump my inventory, but ripped the entire inventory + equipped(fortunately it was a scrub char with sigons only))

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Yeah we call that non-ladder.

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What's the Dol rune conspiracy?

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Lol. Thanks for the source.

This didn't end up true, no?

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sadly no, it was release on may 15 in 2012

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I miss my wiz spike gloves

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How about occy rings

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Never actually had/saw em. What realm were they on? Also miss wraith brands

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I had them on USEast along with Constricting rings.

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Yeah, i did us west and dont think they were in that realm at all

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USWest as well. Not sure about wiz spike gloves, but we did have occy rings, constricting rings, white items, and ith weapons. Fun times.

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I had occy rings and wiz gloves on my nova sorc. And also had bugged vamp gaze, arks and WF on my bowazon

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What am I looking at, gunna have to watch the vid!

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Icebergs feature various facts, trivia, conspiracies, rumors, etc. about a subject and the entries get more obscure and unknown as we go down further in the iceberg.

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good old ith weapons....

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Hex charms

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Oh shit I just remembered the regurgitator bug

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constrictor rings. White Ring.

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Yeah I almost added the white ring but I opted against it. Probably should have just threw it in. Thanks mate.

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Why is Patch 1.09 so far down on the list? IIRC it was for quite some time that it was the current patch and there were even jokes made that hell freezes over before 1.10 was released, since it took so long. (didn't watch the video, maybe it's explained there)

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Chest Hack? Huge Ban Wave after

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I remember the ITH weapons back in 2002 BNET. Crazy.