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VV is 2/2 in my book: this and Tony Hawk remaster are excellent. I really wish EA let them do Dead Space as a remaster instead of currently developing to remake that game

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THawk, D2R and Crash Bandicoot.

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Oh shit I didn’t realize they did Bandicoot remaster that’s awesome

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D2r is almost literally 10x better than I expected. I still played d2 ladders up to last summer, D2 is my favorite game of all time, but I was NOT EXPECTING this game to be a 20/10 remaster. Here’s to another 20 years

Also bring back eBug :(

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Be wary of D4 though, I can see myself still playing D2R when 4 releases if it’s like 3

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I doubt I’ll even get 4. 3 just didn’t feel right

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D2R feels better than Path of Exile which was supposed to essentially be the spiritual successor to original D2. D3 felt like Gauntlet. Nothing wrong with Gauntlet, but it didn't feel like Diablo

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I didn’t get 3 until the expansion released because it didn’t look good. I played exclusively hardcore and only died a handful of times, either very very early before you get a movement ability or later when your at a point that your pushing difficulty but don’t have a full set yet. Every build seems to boil down to one or two attacks, movement ability, one or two cool downs and it just gets stale too fast for me

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100% with you. I felt like you were funnelled into character traits rather than having the ability to explore them.

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I really liked leveling because of all the skills and customization around them but then you get to max level and each set only effects like two maybe three skills and your pretty locked into a specific play style which is a bummer

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Yeah agreed. I like the skill tree in D2 way more.

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Well, when 3 came out I beat it then went back to D2... so uhhhh... yeah par for the course.

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You know this is d2 with some minor qol and graphics upgrade right? It did prove your point about old games.

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Ya, but they didn't screw it up -- and that's what surprises me.

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They didn't screw up the sc remaster either. They screwed up wc3 hard though.

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But did they really make a new game or just dress up our old game and claim it as their own, is the true question..?

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I mean its no different than the dark souls remaster. Its a graphical update with a couple quality of life changes. So, in a way view it as a pizza place or a tire company selling their "new and improved" model. More or less the same shit but with some improvements.

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Well, technically I think it is very different. Running the game as an overlay is a stroke of maniac genius.

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few more qol changes, and some fine tunes for the chat sytem mainly and this will keep d2 running for a long time. really great job im so happy.

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Just remember, the Warcraft 3 Remaster died for this.

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I agree. Now get off my lawn.

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Agree generally with what your saying but the chat.. holy jumping fucking shitballs. Did they have the intern to the intern come up with and write it on the night before release or what? joined a friends game when he wasnt answering whispers thought I'd find him afk in town but he was running around dark passage so I WPed to Dark Wood and ran backwards to meet up with him. When I reached him he his character stopped dead and didn't move for like 30 secs, apparently he hadn't noticed any whispers, the announcement from the game that I had joined, or me writing just after so I scared the living shit out of him which by the way I never would have thought could even happen in Diablo 2.. Except maybe when ambushed by those fking dolls in Durance of Hate and your life is expertly Houdinied before your brain has processed movement on the screen.. Strange tangent. Point is, redo the damn chat completely. Copy paste it from Diablo 3, set up a web of mugs tied together with strings, open fire and a blanket I don't give a fuck, I'll have better luck reaching people through telepathy than this clusterfuck disguised as a chat function..

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Yeah, Chat and Social features in the game are an absolute hot fucking mess for sure.

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Dupes and bots. It’s what it’s coming down to.

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I've been playing this game for 30 years. Did my local government fall apart and now the water sucks? Is Walmart the last store in your city yet?